Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seeing Red

Look at that handsome monkey in my tree. His hair matches the leaves.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm so brave

Q: What happens when a three year old dancing and spinning along with Barney trips and falls?
A: He hits his head on the corner of the coffee table and freaks his parents out.

Holy cow a cut on the head bleeds sooooo much. I've been told this before but never really had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand. Until now.
Wednesday on my day off, before Brian went to work and after dropping Nathan off at school, Brandon decided to watch Barney. I seriously don't like that cartoon. That big purple dinosaur is extremely annoying. Anyway...Brandon started dancing and spinning, spinning and dancing. I get half of my warning out when it happens. "Brandon stop spinning or you're going...."
@#*#! (I said that not Brandon, by the way)
Blood was everywhere. Brandon started to cry, I scooped him up and Brian met us in the bathroom. After we got the bleeding stopped, I called his dr and off we went.
His dr is amazing and Brandon is quite smitten with her. Bonus!
She looked at his boo-boo, tells him she can glue him back together and off they went holding hands to pick out stickers. Dr. M told Brandon how brave he was and what a good boy he was for not crying. He told her "I know. I'm always brave."
After we were done at the dr's office, Brian took Brandon to McD's and got him a happy meal for being so brave.
And all was right with the world again. Just a little bumpy.