Thursday, September 4, 2014

Keeping busy

We've been keeping pretty busy around here lately. School is going really well for the boys so far. Nathan loves band and actually feels challenged by his classes this year. He isn't going to be able to skate by without studying this year. The teachers expect a lot more from this kids, they are 6th graders after all. Practically adults!
Brandon is doing well too. He just got his midterms today and is exceeding in all areas. His teacher is amazing and he's having so much fun.
We are trying to squeeze every ounce of fun out of the rest of the summer. Hopefully time will slow down a little so we can enjoy a few more ice cream cones and late nights watching the stars shine. The boys are already brain storming about their Halloween costumes and I've heard everything from ninjas to zombies. I'm sure they will change their minds a few times before it's all said and done.