Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween!

"It's Halloween!" That's what came out of Nathan's mouth first thing this morning, at the top of his lungs. Oh, he's so excited he can barely contain himself. He has checked on his costume three times today to make sure it is all there. This year he is going to be the mighty Wolverine. I told Nathan that he could decide what Brandon was going to be this year, as long as it was something we had around the house. We have tons of dress up clothes and costumes. So, after a week of sorting through all of the costumes, Nathan finally decided that Brandon should be a cowboy with a badge. "A Sheriff? A cowboy sheriff?" I said. "No mommy. A cowboy (a small pause) with a badge!" Excuse me.
Today at school Nathan's class is having a Fall Party. He came home yesterday talking as fast as he could about having cookies and Kool-aid, lemon flavored Kool-aid. I'm not sure what else they are going to do. When his teacher said cookies and Kool-aid, his brain probably shut down after that. Cookies and Kool-aid, that's a lot of sugar. I bet she's going to give that to the kids right before she sends them home. Thanks a lot Ms. George!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ordinary days

I never want to turn into one of those parents who squanders away the ordinary days. But honestly, sometimes I do. I can get wrapped up in what needs to be done, what just can't wait, rush rush rush.

When the boys grow up I want them to remember the ordinary days as being extraordinary. I love splashing in mud puddles, chasing butterflies around the backyard and watching the kids eyes light up with every shooting star they see. Their innocence and simple pleasures amaze me and remind me this is their only childhood. It's my responsibility to make it extraordinary.

Stop and smell the flowers. Dance with the one you love. Savor every moment.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Superman symbols do not belong there

This morning as I stood in the kitchen enjoying my coffee and surveying the mess of little toy soldiers on the floor, I gasped in horror! What is that on my butcher block? The same butcher block that my dad made me almost ten years ago. The same butcher block that has graced two apartments and one house. Is that what I think it is? Yep, Superman symbols in crayon and pencil, all over the front of my butcher block. "NATHAN GREGORY HARVEY!"
His eyes are wide with horror, he knows exactly what I've seen. "Yes mommy?" "How did THAT get on my butcher block?" "I don't know, maybe Brandon did it?" Really, blaming your baby brother who can't write yet is your defense? I don't think so. "Go to your room, sit on your bed, and don't touch any of your toys!" I called my dad to ask what I can do to get it off of the wood without hurting it. I can tell he is trying not to laugh too hard as I'm in my state of panic. Steal wool or a little bleach should do the trick he informs me. I get my scouring pad and gently scrub my treasured block of wood. Sigh of relief, it comes off just fine. I grab the olive oil and rub it into the wood like it's a potion to make all the boo-boos feel better. I notice the crack from putting it too close to the vent in my first apartment. I see the few nicks it received from moving it into the first apartment Brian and I shared. It's wobbly leg is from me trying to move it around the kitchen in our house to find its perfect resting place while we are here. These are just a few of the battle scars, little notches of our history, that will remind me of all the great happenings in our life. I grab Nathan, give him a kiss, and explain that we only color on paper. Next time I'm admiring my big block of precious memories, I'll think of the superman symbols and Nathan's big blue eyes saying "oh crap! she saw what I did!"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Little quirks

If Brandon doesn't get to talk on the phone to who ever I'm speaking to, he will scream, until his face turns purple.

Little green army men, no matter how strong Nathan believes they are, do not win the battle with the garbage disposal.

No matter how much Brandon loves Elmo, if the toy moves by itself and talks, he will scream, until his face turns purple.

My children do not understand what "wait one minute please" means.

My kids are stuck on loud 90% of the time.

Even though Nathan and Brandon love each other very much, they will fight like they are each others worst enemy.

Brandon has my dads laugh.

Nathan laughs like Brian.

Bath time is just as fun as a trip to an amusement park for Brandon.

My boys love everyone.

Kisses are wet and hugs are huge.

Nathan loves to make Brandon scream.

Nathan loves to scare me...seriously it doesn't take much, a simple "boo" will do the trick.

Popcorn is to be crammed into your mouth, not eaten one at a time.

"Yesterday, last night, tomorrow" according to Nathan, could actually mean months ago.

My boys have huge hearts, wild imaginations, big voices and sweet smiles. I wouldn't change a single thing about them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A no melt down day

Maybe I shouldn't say that yet since the day isn't over, I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best.
After Brian left for work this afternoon, I packed up the kids, my coupons, and my ever growing shopping list and headed for the grocery stores. Yes, that's right, I said stores. I hardly ever go grocery shopping with both boys by myself. I usually go "all my byself" (as Nathan says) after the boys are in bed and Brian is home from work. But today, we needed food and I just couldn't put it off until tonight. If Brandon doesn't have milk to drink, then no one is going to have a pleasant evening. So, off we went. Our first stop was Aldi's, a discount-no frills store that has great prices and pretty good produce. The boys charmed some candy out of a sweet lady. She totally fell in love with Nathan's blue eyes and Brandon's chunky cheeks. (Who doesn't?!) We finally made it out of there, no screaming, no fits, just some smiles. Thank goodness for sweet lady's with chocolate stashes in their purse's. I was starting to see the screams forming in Brandon's eyes. We get the car packed up, and headed over to Kroger's to finish out my list. I pull out a box of crackers from my huge bag and let Brandon munch on them while I played ISpy with Nathan as we looked for our groceries. To my surprise, we made it out of there pretty quick. Still no tears, no fits and no screaming! The reason why I normally don't go shopping with the boys is, Brandon screams at the top of his lungs if he doesn't get to eat everything he sees and Nathan gets cranky and impatient after 20 minutes and sometimes decides to just not listen. It is stressful and frustrating and usually someone ends up in tears. That someone is sometimes me! But today was a great day! No tears, no screams and no defiant children. That doesn't happen very often. Sigh!

Side note....
Mr. Vince Heichelbech, pay my friend for the pictures he took of you and your bride!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zoo and School

Yesterday, Brian and I took the kids to the zoo. We love the zoo. Especially when it starts getting cool out. Hardly anyone was there, which always makes it nice, and the animals were pretty active. Plus, they had all of their Halloween decorations out. Nathan got a kick out of that, Brandon did too as long as we stayed at a distance. The kids and I got to ride the carousel. Nathan loves their carousel, instead of horses to ride, they have all different types of zoo animals. At first Brandon was excited, but once we got on I guess he thought the animals were going to eat him so he hung to my hip and tried to climb inside my skin. We've never been so close!
We also got to pet the sharks, play on the playground and chase the birds. It was a great time.

Then, last night, I got to go to our first parent-teacher conference at Nathan's school. I was so excited. I don't really know why, it's just Kindergarten, and I knew that he was doing just fine. But hearing someone else say great things about my little man was priceless! His teacher, Ms. George, say that Nathan is a "hoot" and is so much fun to have in class. He listens really well (I'm glad he listens well for someone) and is doing great. He has mastered all of his letters, numbers, sight words (is, the, like) and letter sounds. Then she told me that he kissed one of the little girls on the cheek the other day! Wha? She said he just couldn't control his emotions any longer and just had to kiss her. She laughed the entire time she told me the story but my jaw was on the floor. I don't want him kissing little girls! So, we had a talk when I got kissing girls, we save kisses for family only! Oh, why does he have to grow up? It was hard enough to let him go to school and now he is kissing girls. Next he isn't going to let me kiss him in front of his friends.
Do you hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fall Day

What a crafty day it has been. Fall always makes we want to do crafts. So, Nathan and I tye-dyed some shirts orange and painted pumpkin faces on them. We played outside in the few leaves that have fallen. We brought some of those leaves inside to color. I have read the same three books to Brandon about a hundred times today. His top three choices are Baby's Alphabet, Peter Cottontail, and Dr. Seuss's ABC's. "Big A, Little a, what begins with A? Aunt Annie's Alligator, A..a...A." That will forever be stuck in my head! I fixed Nathan's "Super Nathan" cape, I had to buy new ties for around the neck. He has worn that cape for the past three years and it is starting to look like it too. We have also made pancakes, smoothies, and tonight after Brandon goes to bed we are going to bake Halloween cookies. In a few minutes, I'm going to bundle the kids up and we are going to walk around the neighborhood and look at all of the Halloween decorations. I love the fall. I love Halloween. I love having kids to share it all with.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today has been an incomplete day. Everything that I have started, or tried to start, has either been interrupted or not finished at all. It all started this morning. Brandon woke me during a great dream that would have been awesome to finish. I was in a hot air balloon over someplace very green. I have no idea where I was, but I would love to go there again! Then I tried to talk on the phone with a friend I haven't spoken to in a month. Nathan and Brandon did not want me on the phone, and neither did her kids. So, we decided to continue our conversation next month.
I did manage to give Nathan a shower before school, but as he walked into school, I noticed that I forgot to brush his hair and he had a cowlick. Think...Alfalfa. While Brandon was napping I did manage to work out and finish that, but then remembered that I forgot to throw dinner into the crock pot. So as I hurried to get all of that ready, Brandon woke up. Then it was time to go get Nathan from school. Once we got home, I finally finished getting dinner ready. Hopefully it will be done by the time Brian gets home. I have laundry in the dryer that needs folding, I have a child who needs to brush his teeth before bed time, and the living room looks like a toy store exploded. I could go and finish all of these tasks, but I think I would rather talk to you tonight. So, how was your day?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Lately we have had quite a few spiders roaming our floors. Brandon is so fascinated with them, Nathan isn't. Tonight while we were picking up toys, I noticed Brandon was playing with something in the corner. I figured it was just a toy. Then he handed it to me "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" (that's what he says when he wants to give me something). I still had no idea what it was until it was in my hand and crawling up my arm. I screamed, shook my arm, and the spider fell to the floor. Nathan runs to his bedroom screaming, I'm trying to see where the spider went and Brandon is laughing so hard he is doubled over slapping his knee. I finally find the tortured spider with only a few legs still attached, Brandon was probably ripping it's legs off while he was in the corner "playing" with it. The poor spider is no longer with us though, I suppose it is in spider heaven, with all of his legs.

Monday, October 13, 2008

All is well

After school today Nathan said that he and the boy that "hurted" his feelings the other day are friends again. The other boy apologized to Nathan and Nathan told him that it was "ok." Oh what a relief. I don't have to go there and thump some little kids head. Just joking, I wouldn't seriously do that, even if the thought did cross my mind.
On the Brandon front, he had been a total cluts today. I have kissed boo-boo's all day long. He stepped on a block, I kissed his toes. He shut his hand in the door, I kissed his fingers. He got his head stuck in a sand bucket, I kissed his cheeks. He goes through these little phases about once a week. I love that my kisses fix all of his little boo-boo's and usually stops all the tears.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"My feelings got hurted"

Last night Nathan told me that his "feelings were hurted at school." One of the boys that he has been friends with since the beginning of school decided that he doesn't what to be my baby's friend anymore. There were no arguments, no drama between the two, the other boy told Nathan that he didn't like his shirt and didn't want to be his friend anymore. My first thought was to go to the school, find this little boy and ask him why he doesn't want to be my baby's friend anymore. Nathan is a great person and if he doesn't want to be my baby's friend than he is missing out and Nathan doesn't need him anyway! Then my second thought was, oh yeah, this is kindergarten. Kids are kids and probably by next week they will be best friends.
Brian is so much better at handling this sort of thing, I get way too emotional. I was in tears as Nathan told me the whole story and I could see the wheels turning in Brian's head as he thought of stuff to tell Nathan. Brian told him that if someone is not nice and telling him that he doesn't like him because of a shirt, then he is better off not being friends with that person. Brian reminded him that he has lots of nice friends at school and he is going to be ok. All I could do was hold him and wipe away both of our tears. After the pep talk from Brian, Nathan was just fine and hasn't talked about it since. He's a strong little man, just like his daddy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Silly Safari

Tonight was the big Silly Safari at home and at school. We had so much fun! Here at home the kitchen was transformed into a jungle. There were vines hanging in the doorway with leaves and flowers, the table had wild animals protecting all of the jungle fruit, around every corner was an animal staring you down. Nathan thought it was rather "slick" (a new word he picked up from papaw). After a yummy dinner with my parents we made it to the safari at school. They had real wild animals that Safari Dave showed everyone, snakes, owls, turtles and a ferocious bunny. The kids had to answer questions about animals to receive clues to a riddle, a story teller told safari themed stories while the kids munched on animal crackers and jungle juice and they got their pictures taken on a jeep with stuffed animals. Nathan showed us all of his little friends. The little girls just smiled and waved at him. He's already a lady's man! I could literally feel my heart break when each girl said "Hi Nathan!" in their sweet little voices. All that I could think of is that I should start home schooling him!
Brandon just about wore all of us out. He wanted to be held, he wanted down, he didn't want to hold our hands, he wanted to look at the fish, he wanted his water, where's bubba, up and down and up and down! Holy cow that child has some energy! But after we came home and said our good byes to Nana and Papaw, Brandon was ready for bed. So two minutes later, he was out like a light. Nathan is now soaking in the tub, roaring like a lion and singing some song I've never heard before. I don't think he'll be conscience for very much longer. Let's just hope anyway!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Birthdays and a Safari

Yesterday was Brian's birthday. They boys and I made spaghetti for dinner and then a big chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese icing. Nathan and Brandon decorated it with a million sprinkles, a few for the cake and a handful for them. Can you say sugar rush? Even though Brian had to work on his birthday he did get to come home early. This was a huge surprise for us. Around 7pm he came walking in the door and the boys just about blew a gasket. Nathan and Brandon went running to him, screaming "daddy daddy!" and showered him in hugs and kisses. Brandon never gets to see daddy come home at night since he is in bed, so this was extra special for him. He wouldn't let Brian out of his sight. They all snuggled on the couch, ate chocolate cake and played until bedtime. A simple night but loaded with love.
Tonight Nathan and I have been getting ready for a Safari. Tomorrow night at his school they are having a Silly Safari Literacy Night. Nathan has been looking forward to this ever since they told him a few weeks ago. Since he has been so excited about this I figured we could start the fun a little early. Today we have decorated the kitchen to look like a jungle. We have vines, wild animals, palm trees, the whole nine yards! Tomorrow after school we are going to have dinner in our jungle with my parents. We are having Safari soup (veggie soup), Parana bites (popcorn shrimp), jungle juice (mango juice) and monkey pudding (banana pudding). Then it will be off to school for even more fun. They are having a story teller, scavenger hunt, a snack and some other stuff for the kids. I've been looking forward to school events for the past five years. I don't know who is more happy about all of this stuff, Nathan or me!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Volume Control

Is there a quiet button on boys? If there is, my boys must have lost theirs. We loose everything, and today my mind was the first thing to go. Brandon is always loud. From the time he wakes up in the morning until he closes his big brown eyes to go to sleep, just flat out loud. Nathan gradually gets louder as the day goes by, so by the time evening rolls around he is at his peak loudness. How does so much noise come out of such little people? Seriously! If you know, please fill me in. And if you know how to make it stop, enlighten me!
So, if you ever need to test your hearing, please stop by my house. We'll be more than happy to help. Brandon and Nathan's vocal range is pretty extensive.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shiny new playground

The wee one's and I went to the playground today. It's fairly new, just put in a few months ago. Everything is still nice and shiny. There were those little animals on big springs that you can rock on. Nathan and Brandon love those things! Nathan tries to see how far he can bend his and Brandon just shakes the snot out of it and giggles the whole time. Nathan climbed up and down and around every inch of all the equipment and Brandon was right on his heels. There is no fear in that one. I don't think Brandon realizes that he is smaller than Nathan. He believes with all of his heart that he should be able to do what his Bubba does. Brandon walked right past the little kid area and climbed up the biggest ladder to the biggest slide. He went down squealing and fell right on his butt. He brushed himself off and did it over and over again. I have a feeling he's going to be the first to go to the emergency room.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Why to boys have to use their sleeves as napkins? Why do they feel it necessary to take their diapers off? Why do they like to pee in the front yard where everyone can see them? Why are they so fascinated with their poop? Why do they want to jump off of everything? Why do they like to scare me and give me premature gray hair? Why? Because they are like their daddy and uncle's and grandpa's. They are the future super hero's of the world and training starts now. Nothing is too gross (unless it's your baby brother chasing you with his boogers). Nothing is too scary (unless it's a skull night light). And nothing, I mean nothing is more important than making sure you give mommy a kiss goodnight.
All the crazy things they do during the day seems to disappear when my boys give me a kiss goodnight. I guess all that training has given them super powers after all.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wolverine and Super Poopy Boy

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and Nathan couldn't be more excited. He picked out his Halloween costume last night after a long debate. He just couldn't decide which super hero to be. The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Captain America, Flash, The Human Torch or Wolverine, what should he be? After narrowing it down to Captain America and Wolverine he finally decided that Wolverine would be the best choice since he has claws and the Captain America costume didn't come with the shield. I was really hoping that we would make his costume this year. I tried everything under the sun to persuade him, but really, how was I going to compete with claws? At least I still have Brandon. I can make something for him. I think he should be Super Poopy Boy after today's mishap.
Brandon was sent to his crib for a small time out because he was screaming and screaming and screaming. He's a screamer! After a minute I went to get him and just about died! At first I started to laugh because all I saw was a bare butt and Brandon smiling from ear to ear. Then I saw it. Poop. Every where. Not funny! Besides what was on his body, it was also on the floor, toys, crib, sheet and the wall. Yuck! So I threw him in the tub and scrub-a-dub-dubbed him until the first layer of skin was gone, then I got the Lysol out and scrubbed his bedroom down. Now when Brian calls Brandon a "little turd" I'm not going to tell him to stop calling him that!