Friday, October 24, 2008

Little quirks

If Brandon doesn't get to talk on the phone to who ever I'm speaking to, he will scream, until his face turns purple.

Little green army men, no matter how strong Nathan believes they are, do not win the battle with the garbage disposal.

No matter how much Brandon loves Elmo, if the toy moves by itself and talks, he will scream, until his face turns purple.

My children do not understand what "wait one minute please" means.

My kids are stuck on loud 90% of the time.

Even though Nathan and Brandon love each other very much, they will fight like they are each others worst enemy.

Brandon has my dads laugh.

Nathan laughs like Brian.

Bath time is just as fun as a trip to an amusement park for Brandon.

My boys love everyone.

Kisses are wet and hugs are huge.

Nathan loves to make Brandon scream.

Nathan loves to scare me...seriously it doesn't take much, a simple "boo" will do the trick.

Popcorn is to be crammed into your mouth, not eaten one at a time.

"Yesterday, last night, tomorrow" according to Nathan, could actually mean months ago.

My boys have huge hearts, wild imaginations, big voices and sweet smiles. I wouldn't change a single thing about them.

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