Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shiny new playground

The wee one's and I went to the playground today. It's fairly new, just put in a few months ago. Everything is still nice and shiny. There were those little animals on big springs that you can rock on. Nathan and Brandon love those things! Nathan tries to see how far he can bend his and Brandon just shakes the snot out of it and giggles the whole time. Nathan climbed up and down and around every inch of all the equipment and Brandon was right on his heels. There is no fear in that one. I don't think Brandon realizes that he is smaller than Nathan. He believes with all of his heart that he should be able to do what his Bubba does. Brandon walked right past the little kid area and climbed up the biggest ladder to the biggest slide. He went down squealing and fell right on his butt. He brushed himself off and did it over and over again. I have a feeling he's going to be the first to go to the emergency room.

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