Friday, October 3, 2008

Wolverine and Super Poopy Boy

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and Nathan couldn't be more excited. He picked out his Halloween costume last night after a long debate. He just couldn't decide which super hero to be. The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Captain America, Flash, The Human Torch or Wolverine, what should he be? After narrowing it down to Captain America and Wolverine he finally decided that Wolverine would be the best choice since he has claws and the Captain America costume didn't come with the shield. I was really hoping that we would make his costume this year. I tried everything under the sun to persuade him, but really, how was I going to compete with claws? At least I still have Brandon. I can make something for him. I think he should be Super Poopy Boy after today's mishap.
Brandon was sent to his crib for a small time out because he was screaming and screaming and screaming. He's a screamer! After a minute I went to get him and just about died! At first I started to laugh because all I saw was a bare butt and Brandon smiling from ear to ear. Then I saw it. Poop. Every where. Not funny! Besides what was on his body, it was also on the floor, toys, crib, sheet and the wall. Yuck! So I threw him in the tub and scrub-a-dub-dubbed him until the first layer of skin was gone, then I got the Lysol out and scrubbed his bedroom down. Now when Brian calls Brandon a "little turd" I'm not going to tell him to stop calling him that!

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