Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zoo and School

Yesterday, Brian and I took the kids to the zoo. We love the zoo. Especially when it starts getting cool out. Hardly anyone was there, which always makes it nice, and the animals were pretty active. Plus, they had all of their Halloween decorations out. Nathan got a kick out of that, Brandon did too as long as we stayed at a distance. The kids and I got to ride the carousel. Nathan loves their carousel, instead of horses to ride, they have all different types of zoo animals. At first Brandon was excited, but once we got on I guess he thought the animals were going to eat him so he hung to my hip and tried to climb inside my skin. We've never been so close!
We also got to pet the sharks, play on the playground and chase the birds. It was a great time.

Then, last night, I got to go to our first parent-teacher conference at Nathan's school. I was so excited. I don't really know why, it's just Kindergarten, and I knew that he was doing just fine. But hearing someone else say great things about my little man was priceless! His teacher, Ms. George, say that Nathan is a "hoot" and is so much fun to have in class. He listens really well (I'm glad he listens well for someone) and is doing great. He has mastered all of his letters, numbers, sight words (is, the, like) and letter sounds. Then she told me that he kissed one of the little girls on the cheek the other day! Wha? She said he just couldn't control his emotions any longer and just had to kiss her. She laughed the entire time she told me the story but my jaw was on the floor. I don't want him kissing little girls! So, we had a talk when I got kissing girls, we save kisses for family only! Oh, why does he have to grow up? It was hard enough to let him go to school and now he is kissing girls. Next he isn't going to let me kiss him in front of his friends.
Do you hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking!


Ryan said...

"We've never been so close!"

Except those first 9 months or so. ;-)

Next thing you know, Nathan's friends will be scratching on your windows in the middle of the night, wanting him to go smear Coolwhip on other peoples' windshields.

Mommy to Monkeys said...

You use to scare the crap out of me! But it never took much to scare me, still doesn't. Nathan has already figured that out!