Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kool-aid smiles

You know when summer finally sets in when all the kids you see have kool-aid smiles. You know, the stained upper lip every color of the rainbow. My boys are no exception. Today theirs were red. Red lips, mustache, teeth, t-shirt, the whole nine yards. I think it's so cute.
This week we have spent pretty much every minute outside. It's been hot, humid and sticky. Perfect for kool-aid and popsicles. The ice cream truck has been teasing us endlessly too. We hear it in the neighborhood behind ours but never see it. That drives the boys nuts! So, I have to break out our own popsicles or ice cream to hold back the tears of frustration. Stupid ice cream truck. How mean is that anyway? Drive through one neighborhood but not any others. Seriously.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Even though...

I love my dad.

I love my dad even though he drove me to school in a hideous baby-poop-brown Pacer that would smoke and backfire. Causing me to never to miss the bus on purpose again.

I love my dad even though he would push me head first into huge snow piles.

I love my dad even though he would tease me until I was so mad all I wanted to do was cry. Then he would make me laugh, which would make me even more mad because I didn't want to laugh...I wanted to cry and be mad.

I love my dad even though he would wake me up by squirting water up my nose with a water gun.

I love my dad.

I love my dad because he would wake me up early so we could drive to the park and watch the sun rise over the trees, then go pick up breakfast for mom.

I love my dad even though we wouldn't catch any fish, we had fun sitting in the boat talking about nothing but saying everything.

I love my dad.

I love that my dad taught me to laugh at myself, to smile at rude people, how to get even and how to tease my kids. I love that he taught me how to be a good listener, a good friend and a great parent.

I love that my dad loves my kids and they love him.

I love my dad. Happy Father's Day, Daddio!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not much goin' on

It is hot and humid here in our neck of the woods. So to beat the heat we cloud gazed and ate popsicles.
That is all we wanted to do.
So that is all we did.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!

Today my mom turned 39 years old...again. I won't say how many times she has turned 39 because that's a secret.
Nathan picked out some lovely sun flowers for her.

We had a wonderful steak dinner that my dad made for us. He makes one heck of a steak!
The boys and I made a super special birthday cake in the shape of a heart, complete with little finger swipes from taste testing. It was our version of a banana split cheesecake. Nummy num num, as Brandon says.

And the boys loved and kissed all over her, fought about who was going to sit next to her at the dinner table and begged for her to play in their bedroom.
It was a pretty good night to turn 39 again.
Love ya mama!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The weatherman lied!

Nothing really went according to plan today. First we were suppose to go to a strawberry festival but it turns out that it closed yesterday. So we turned around and decided to go grab lunch. While we were having lunch the sky opened up and let loose. It rained and rained and rained. Nathan blurted out "the weatherman lied to me! He said it was suppose to be nice and sunny today!" I tried to explain that in Indiana it really doesn't matter what the weatherman says, mother nature kind of has a mind of her own. We finished our lunch and made a mad dash for the car. Nathan splashed in every puddle and Brandon buried his head in my chest as we ran. We were all more than a little soaked, to say the least. So since our plans of sunshine and strawberries were washed away we made our way back home.
Once we got home I asked the boys if they wanted to play outside. Nathan looked at me like I was crazy "but it's still raining outside." "So" I said "are you afraid of getting wet?" And off we went to slosh in the mud puddles of our backyard.
It was awesome.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Po Po

The kids love the fact that daddy is a policeman. Brandon use to have trouble saying policeman so we taught him to say po-po. He would run around the house yelling "daddy po-po! daddy po-po!" all the time.
Yesterday we had to go pick up Brian's police car at the garage so he would have it for work today. I think it rattled louder than the sirens blare! The boys got to climb all over the car, inside and out, turn the lights and sirens on and act like cops and robbers. (In the above picture Nathan was arresting Brandon.) I just hope that neither of them actually become a cop. But sometimes I think it's just in the cards...

ps...did you notice Brandon's new t-shirt from Gampa (Brian's dad)? It's Bam Bam! Sooo appropriate!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Bee's

We've been busy, busy, busy this past week. Well, not really busy, just enjoying the summer. This is what we've done:

  • Nana and Papaw let us come down and swim in their pool, fed us yummy food and stuffed our faces with the best desserts ever! (I made the desserts, so of course they were great! Just ask me, I'll tell you!)

  • Uncle Rick was in town so we got to hang out with him. The boys fought over who was going to sit next to him, he took them out for ice cream and played baseball in the back yard.

  • We also got to see Uncle Eric and he taught the kids how to "pull his finger." Thanks Uncle Eric!

  • Harmony (Brian's mom) took us to the Korean store and loaded the kids up with every snack possible.

  • We have also been to the playground a few times and spent countless hours in our back yard playing in the sprinkler, sandbox and picking our neighbor's flowers.

  • I've taken Nathan to our public library for story time and we've signed up for their summer reading program. So far we have read three books.

That was our week. Now it is raining and we are stuck inside. Brian is off for the next three days and I think we are going to try to take the kids to Uncle Eric's fire station to see the fire trucks, maybe the Children's Museum and possibly bowling. Fun, fun, fun!