Saturday, June 13, 2009

Po Po

The kids love the fact that daddy is a policeman. Brandon use to have trouble saying policeman so we taught him to say po-po. He would run around the house yelling "daddy po-po! daddy po-po!" all the time.
Yesterday we had to go pick up Brian's police car at the garage so he would have it for work today. I think it rattled louder than the sirens blare! The boys got to climb all over the car, inside and out, turn the lights and sirens on and act like cops and robbers. (In the above picture Nathan was arresting Brandon.) I just hope that neither of them actually become a cop. But sometimes I think it's just in the cards...

ps...did you notice Brandon's new t-shirt from Gampa (Brian's dad)? It's Bam Bam! Sooo appropriate!

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