Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Kids

Today is Friday.
Nathan's favorite day of the week.
Friday's mean computer lab at school and a super snack at home.
Today's snack was ice cream sandwiches made with confetti cookies and vanilla ice cream.
Sticky kisses followed.
Then a sugar rush.
I'm thinking maybe something with a lot less sugar for next Friday.
Frozen yogurt and fresh fruit.
Kisses will probably still be sticky.
I like sticky kisses.
Sticky kisses mean happy kids.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost minds

For the love of me I cannot remember what I did with my mind. I've lost it before, a few times actually, but this time something is different. This time it may be gone forever. I think it's because of the snow and cold temperatures. Nathan's mind must be gone too because he has totally forgotten how to listen.
"Nathan" I say "don't play in the snow. Get straight into the van so we can get to school on time." Silence. "Nathan, did you just hear what I said?" Silence. "Nathan Gregory!" "Yes I heard you mommy."
Coats are zipped, gloves are on and we are out the door.
I get Brandon buckled into his car seat snug as a bug and look over to see why Nathan has yet to open his door and climb in.
Gee, I wonder, what ever could that boy be doing? I walk over to the other side of the van to find him face first in a pile of snow.
Deep breath. Don't yell to loudly, the neighbors are out.
I grab the back of his coat and drag him out from his frozen pile of trouble. Just then does he remember that he wasn't suppose to play in the snow. Stuttering, he tries to explain that he "fell" and really wasn't "playing." I dust off the snow, mumbling under my breath, and get him buckled into his seat.
Our car ride to school is pretty quiet. I glanced at him in the rear view mirror to see him bug-eyed and waiting to see what punishment will be handed out. I can already read his mind "please don't take the video games away, not the video games, anything but that!"
Oh please! I'm not going to punish him. I can barely keep from laughing at this point. We have a little discussion about listening and why I didn't want him playing in the snow before school.
Many apologizes were said and off he went to school. Wet pants and all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

Around 13 inches of snow was dumped on us last night. 13 freaking inches!
The boys were so excited when they discovered the white stuff this morning. And as an added bonus it is daddy's day off and school was cancelled today. So we have watched movies, played in the snow while daddy cleared off the driveway, drank hot chocolate, played video games, took naps and soon we are going to make spicy pork and rice for dinner. What a great day!
Yesterday the boys had their yearly doctor's appointments. Nathan now stands tall at 46 inches. That's two whole inches he has grown, I think it happened a few weeks ago though. And the skinny little thing weighs in at a whopping 44 lbs. Tall and skinny, minus a front tooth which he lost last week. His other front tooth is hanging by a "thread" and then all he'll need for Christmas are his two front teeth. According to the growth chart that the doctor keeps he is in the 50% range for his age. Right on track.
Brandon on the other hand is in the 90% range for his weight and 97% range for his height. He weighs 32.7 lbs and stands 37 inches tall. The doctor just shakes her head in wonder at him. "You are one big boy" she says. Brandon gives her a cheesy smile to show off his chunky cheeks, which makes her laugh even more. "There's nothing wrong with being big" she says "that just gives us more to love." How true!
Both the boys are healthy and happy. Can't ask for more than that.

Friday, January 23, 2009

3:32 pm

Two years ago at 3:32pm Brandon wiggled into this world at a whopping 10lbs 3oz. My due date was actually the day before but he didn't really care. He was warm, cozy and not in any hurry to come into this world. But I was so ready for him.
I had a doctors appointment that day and begged my doctor to induce me. I looked and felt like a water buffalo and just couldn't take another day of being pregnant. She really didn't want to induce me so I started threatening that if she didn't do it I wasn't leaving her office. I must have looked pretty intimidating (or pitiful) because she called the hospital and told me to check in the next morning at 11am. Wahoo!
That night Brian and I took Nathan out for dinner for the last time as a threesome. Then we came home and watched a movie together, all of us snuggled on the couch. Those were the "good days" as Nathan says.
That next morning I basically skipped going into the hospital I was so excited. They hooked me up to the "good stuff" and a few hours later Brandon literally wiggled himself out into this world.
We were all pretty shocked that he was over 10lbs. The doctor had estimated 9lbs. She then apologized to me, doubting my drama act the previous day.
We brought him home a couple of days later and nothing has been the same since.
Two boys. Twice as much fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brotherly Love

As an only child I never understood why siblings fought so much. I thought that they were so lucky to have a someone to talk to, play with or just hang out with.
For the most part, the boys get along pretty well. Nathan looks out for his baby brother and Brandon tries so hard to do everything that Nathan does. But then there are the moments that just blow my mind.
Screaming, crying, red little faces. You would think that the world was ending because someone is using the toy you were thinking about playing with. When Nathan is not in a good mood, Brandon knows it. Brandon chooses to do one of two things, either leave Nathan alone to wallow in self pity or pick on him until he is screaming. How does a two year old know how to do this? I think it's in his genes.
Before you say "poor little Nathan" just know that he isn't as innocent as he looks. He knows what buttons to push to get a rise out of Brandon. He'll sit in my lap and give Brandon a sly little smile knowing that Brandon is going to start screaming any second because Nathan is in his spot. (Brandon doesn't like to share me.) Nathan even goes as far as putting toys that Brandon is scared of in his doorway so Brandon will stay out of his room.
Then there are those moments that make my heart melt. When Nathan is sick Brandon will kiss his forehead and rub his tummy for him. When Nathan has an extra quarter he always gives it to Brandon so he can get a piece of bubble gum at the supermarket. If one of them gets hurt the other is always there to kiss the boo boo. It's moments like those that make me forget about the screaming fights. For a little while at least.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nasty Chocolate Cake

This weekend has been one big party. Since Brian was off this weekend we decided to have Brandon's birthday celebration early (he technically doesn't turn 2 until the 23rd). Saturday we had pizza and some nasty birthday cake with my parents. The nasty birthday cake was my fault. I wanted to make a chocolate cake from scratch but it didn't turn out very well. Actually it was really gross!
Then Sunday we got together with Brian's mom and brother Joe, Lauren and Kelila for a Korean dinner and a store bought birthday cake that really wasn't much better than what I made. Ok, it was a little better but not by much!
On Brandon's actual birthday I'm going to take another jab at making a cake from scratch. I've don't it before and they've always turned out really good, but there's something about baking with chocolate. I just can't get it right.
That's the thing I need to learn how to do this year. Make a good chocolate cake. With good icing. Something that doesn't need a gallon of milk to wash it down because it's so dry.
The quest it on. If you have a good recipe for chocolate cake, please send it my way.

Friday, January 16, 2009

No school today=hot chocolate for breakfast

It also means that video games are played, bird houses are painted and naps are long and slobbery.
I use to love it when school was cancelled. I remember going to work with my dad or he would stay home with me and make hot chocolate. I remember my parents and I heading to the park with our sleds and spending the afternoon freezing our butts off.
But today it was in the negative numbers and I was not about to venture outside with the kids. We stayed safely bundled inside and played with every toy. We made hot chocolate with two types of chocolate. We made tomato surprises with sprinkles on top. And tonight we are going to make a cake. I think our hardest decision of the day will be what type of cake to make.
Coconut? Chocolate? Maybe chocolate cupcakes with a cheesecake center? Sweet dilemmas.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yellow Snow Boots

This morning the kids woke up to a winter wonderland. Well, to them anyway it was a wonderland. There was barely enough snow to cover the backyard but they were excited nonetheless. So excited that the snow boots were brought out. Nathan's boots are a bright canary yellow with black soles, aka Bumble Bee boots. You know, Bumble Bee from Transformers.
Brandon doesn't have any boots yet. I saved Nathan's boots from when he was Brandon's age but since Brandon is a Goliath, they don't fit. That's ok though. Brandon likes to look at the snow but doesn't like to touch it. So he probably won't go out to play in it anyway.
Speaking of things that don't fit. Nathan is going to get some new clothes this weekend. I think he grew about two inches over night. I tried on all of his long sleeve shirts this morning and only three fit. I swear last week they all fit just fine. He was quick to remind me though that he is 6 years old and that he had a lot of hiccups last week. Those darn hiccups, making my baby grow!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Big wet duck lip kisses.
Bear hugs.
Cuddling on the couch.
Sticky little fingers feeding me soggy goldfish crackers.
Disney movies and popcorn.
Bubble baths.

Those are the highlights of my day.

Pretty awesome!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Withdrawl

Babies are like drugs(or so I've heard). Once you have had them, you want more.
Chubby checks to chew on, little piggy toes to nibble on, sweet smelling lotions to massage into chunky little legs.
Who wouldn't want more of that?
My babies are growing up. Nathan won't let me cuddle with him as much anymore and if I call him baby out in public you would think that the world was coming to an end. "Mommy, I am a big boy. I am not a baby!" Even though he still calls me mommy, not mom.
I think I have another 6 months, maybe a year, of baby-ness in Brandon. He still cuddles with me and lets me kiss him endlessly. But I can see the beginning of the baby end. He'll be 2 years old soon.
That's when they change.
That's when they venture over to... (evil music playing in the back ground) ... the dark side.
The dark side is becoming daddy's boys. Then they start ganging up on me. Then my babies are gone, forever.
Big boys still need their mommy though. Boo-boos still need to be kissed, pb&j's still need to be made the correct way (daddy just doesn't do it right) and bedtime stories are always better when mommy tells them.
I guess there's still hope out there. It just wears bigger superman underwear.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Conversation with a 6 year old

Nathan: Mommy when will Barack Obama be president

Me: I think he starts on Jan 20th.

Nathan: What will happen to George Bushington?

Me: Do you mean George Bush?

Nathan: Yeah.

Me: He'll probably move back to Texas and retire. I'm not sure.

Nathan: Did you know that Barack Obama's wife's name is Michelle?

Me: Yep.

Nathan: How did you know that?

Me: I read about her in a magazine.

Nathan: I saw her on tv, she's pretty.

Me: Yes she is.

Nathan: Not as pretty as you (sly smile)

Me: That's my boy (wink)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Did you make a resolution or two for the new year? I have some goals that I've set for myself this year, I guess that's the same thing.
I've finally decided to loose my baby weight since Brandon isn't considered a baby anymore. Or I could just rename it toddler weight. We'll see.
And I want to learn something new. I don't know what it is yet, but I want to learn about it.
Maybe it will be how to cook well. I did get a new stove for Christmas, I should put it to good use. Not just burn stuff like I normally do.
Or I could learn a new language. I would like to learn Korean or Spanish or maybe Italian.
Maybe I should start brushing up on my math skills. Nathan will be in 1st grade next year and by then they may start teaching algebra. You never know!
The options are endless. Picking one or two, maybe three, will be the hard part.

These are my hopes for the kids this year...
Keep being kids. Have fun, laugh a lot, and learn as much as you can.

I hope your new year brings you tons of happiness!