Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brotherly Love

As an only child I never understood why siblings fought so much. I thought that they were so lucky to have a someone to talk to, play with or just hang out with.
For the most part, the boys get along pretty well. Nathan looks out for his baby brother and Brandon tries so hard to do everything that Nathan does. But then there are the moments that just blow my mind.
Screaming, crying, red little faces. You would think that the world was ending because someone is using the toy you were thinking about playing with. When Nathan is not in a good mood, Brandon knows it. Brandon chooses to do one of two things, either leave Nathan alone to wallow in self pity or pick on him until he is screaming. How does a two year old know how to do this? I think it's in his genes.
Before you say "poor little Nathan" just know that he isn't as innocent as he looks. He knows what buttons to push to get a rise out of Brandon. He'll sit in my lap and give Brandon a sly little smile knowing that Brandon is going to start screaming any second because Nathan is in his spot. (Brandon doesn't like to share me.) Nathan even goes as far as putting toys that Brandon is scared of in his doorway so Brandon will stay out of his room.
Then there are those moments that make my heart melt. When Nathan is sick Brandon will kiss his forehead and rub his tummy for him. When Nathan has an extra quarter he always gives it to Brandon so he can get a piece of bubble gum at the supermarket. If one of them gets hurt the other is always there to kiss the boo boo. It's moments like those that make me forget about the screaming fights. For a little while at least.

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