Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Withdrawl

Babies are like drugs(or so I've heard). Once you have had them, you want more.
Chubby checks to chew on, little piggy toes to nibble on, sweet smelling lotions to massage into chunky little legs.
Who wouldn't want more of that?
My babies are growing up. Nathan won't let me cuddle with him as much anymore and if I call him baby out in public you would think that the world was coming to an end. "Mommy, I am a big boy. I am not a baby!" Even though he still calls me mommy, not mom.
I think I have another 6 months, maybe a year, of baby-ness in Brandon. He still cuddles with me and lets me kiss him endlessly. But I can see the beginning of the baby end. He'll be 2 years old soon.
That's when they change.
That's when they venture over to... (evil music playing in the back ground) ... the dark side.
The dark side is becoming daddy's boys. Then they start ganging up on me. Then my babies are gone, forever.
Big boys still need their mommy though. Boo-boos still need to be kissed, pb&j's still need to be made the correct way (daddy just doesn't do it right) and bedtime stories are always better when mommy tells them.
I guess there's still hope out there. It just wears bigger superman underwear.

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