Saturday, April 30, 2016

Life Lessons

 Learning how to drive Pop-pop's tractor.
Cleaning up the orchard.
Lending a helping hand.

Following in some big foot prints.
Knowing what hard work is.
Making me proud.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hopping around

New pogo sticks.
An unusually warm weekend.
No broken bones, just giggles.
Today was a good day...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let me count the ways...

I love this man of mine.
He makes me laugh every single day,
he kisses me in front of the kids to make them gag,
he keeps us safe, 
he looks so damn good in his uniform,
he's an amazing father,
he loves me for me,
he does the dishes on occasion,
he makes the best coffee,
he sounds like Johnny Cash when he sings,
he's teaching the boys how to be men by example.
I love his mocha eyes and crooked smile.
I even love him when he dumps a cup of ice cold water on me when I'm in the shower.
(not so much, but it's still funny, sort of. After I stop screaming)
 He has a heart of gold.
He's my absolute favorite.
He makes me so very happy to be his wife.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Birthday boys

 Every year the boys think of some type of yummy cake for us to make on their birthday. This year Brandon wanted a chocolate cake with strawberries in the center topped off with a whipped cream icing. It was pretty good! Chocolate and strawberries are always a favorite of his. Brandon was pretty excited to turn nine. It may have something to do with the electric guitar he got or the fact that his Uncle Rick and cousin Auna surprised him. They flew out here on Friday night and left Sunday afternoon. Brandon so happy he cried, he felt so loved. It was a pretty special birthday for my little man.
Nathan turned 13 in December. Thirteen. 1 3. My baby is a teenager. I've had nightmares about him turning into a teenager. So far nothing crazy has happen. He still wanted me to make his cake, he still wanted his birthday to be celebrated with his family and he still doesn't mind being seen with me in public. But I know these days are limited, so I'm going to hang on to them with all my might!
Nathan's cake this year was a sweet one. Dark chocolate cake with a coconut filling. Topped with a coconut icing and oozing chocolate ganche. It was good, but it was extremely sweet. Just like him!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The mountains are calling

I love the mountains. I love the smells, sounds, the feel of the crisp air. It's heaven on earth. The boys always have a blast when we go hiking. Brandon skips from rock to rock, Nathan loves to explore every nook and cranny, Brian and I enjoy the quiet and watching the kids enjoy the outdoors. This year we found a cemetery from the late 1800's and the remnants of a cabin with a stone fence zigzagging through the forest. Every time we have taken a trip to the mountains someone has fallen while hiking. The first year Nathan slipped and face planted in the creek, the second time my dad lost his balance while crossing a creek and fell. My mom and I were laughing before he even hit the ground. And this year Brandon didn't technically fall but he dipped his foot in the river while Brian was trying to help him jump from rock to rock. It's probably a good thing we haven't been hiking up a mountain but rather just staying on flat ground. We are a tad bit clumsy in this family!

Monday, September 14, 2015


These are my two most favorite kiddos in the entire world. They make me laugh every single day. They fill my heart to the brim with love and joy. I never thought being a mom would be this great. I'm thankful for their goofy little butts. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Strummin' and Flippin'

Brandon started guitar lessons a couple of weeks ago. He cannot keep his little fingers off of it. He is constantly in his room practicing cords and learning how to read music. He's going to be a huge star, I just know it! :)

Last week Nathan was the only kid to show up for his Jiu Jitsu class. So he got a private lesson. He learned a few new tricks, got to roll with some of the adults and almost made a grown man cry. Just joking, he didn't almost cry but he was pretty upset that a 12 yr old made him tap out. The guy Nathan is throwing in the picture was a guest of one of he instructors. He was so great. He let Nathan throw him over and over and over again. It's always great to have a fresh set of eyes to give some good pointers and a new body to toss.