Monday, July 4, 2016

Unexpected beauty

The boys and I walk around our vast kingdom pretty much every day, surveying our land. Making sure nothing is out of place or anyone is trying to invade. And it seems like we are constantly surprised by unexpected beauty. We found some morning glories creeping up the fence behind our shed the other morning. A little beetle was hanging out, soaking up some sun, doing what beetles do.
Morning glories seem to make Brandon very happy. He examined every new bud and smelled every bloom with a smile spread so wide it covered his entire face.

In front of our kingdom is a patch of lilies I received for mother's day a few years ago. This is the first year they bloomed. And it's funny because I thought they were a deep red lily but surprise! they are yellow. A little spot of sunshine brightening up our day. Do you see that pink rock sitting next to my yellow lily? That's my favorite rock of all time. It's pink through and through. And when the sun hits it in the late afternoons, it glows.
This little guy was planted three or four years ago with a bunch of his buddies but they never popped up. A couple of days ago they boys and I spotted this little fellow all by himself. Growing little by little, all a lone. But now I visit him every day to make sure the bunnies living under our shed don't nibble on his leaves that are clearly meant to let me know if someone loves me or not. But I would never pick this little beauty, I already know who loves me.

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