Monday, April 8, 2013

Hi there

It's been a horrible couple of months for our immune systems but I think we are going to be ok. So now that we are feeling better, we are ready for spring! Easter was a lot of fun. Brandon decided he wanted to dress like a man so he picked out a lavender dress shirt, gray vest and tie to match. He was pretty proud of himself and I think he looked pretty stinkin' cute! Nathan was happy with just a t-shirt and jeans and some cool new shades. He's knows he's handsome no matter what he wears.

We also welcomed a new addition to our family.

This is Jax. He is a German Shepherd/Lab mix and is total terror! But we love him and I guess we'll keep him. Plus I can't imagine anyone else wanting him! I wanted another child but that's not going to happen so Brian brought home this little ball of fur. I should have just kept my mouth shut. I'll remember that next time.