Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blue Ribbon

Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to enter his schools science fair. He had huge dreams of building spewing volcano's or squishy quick sand or possibly sending something into orbit. But when his mommy told him he wasn't allowed to do those things (per school science fair rules) he set his sights on bubble gum. He wanted to know which bubble gum would blow the biggest bubbles. So off he went to the store and purchased three types of bubble gum and art supplies. Double Bubble, Bazoka and Hubba Bubba were the test subjects. His hypothesis: Hubba Bubba would blow the biggest bubble since it was so soft and easiest to blow bubbles with. His beautiful assistant (aka mommy) took pictures and measured the bubbles he blew, then he recorded all the data. This little boy worked really hard making sure his presentation board was just right with all his research, pictures and data. He took his experiment to school to be judged with all the other kids' experiments and explained how Hubba Bubba was the one that blew the biggest bubbles. And wouldn't you know, that little boy won first place in the science fair! His mommy (aka the beautiful assistant) hung his blue ribbon on the refrigerator where all things important are displayed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I smell like a Mexican wildflower...

Don't tell anyone but Brian is a romantic at heart. Yesterday, for Valentine's day, he bought me some perfume. But it isn't just any perfume.
13 years ago when we were dating he took me to Cancun Mexico. While we were there I fell in love with some perfume that is made only there. It's made with local flowers and plants and smells so clean and fresh with light floral notes. It's my favorite. We traveled back to Cancun a couple more times and every time we would buy a bottle. I would wear it sparingly trying to make it last as long as possible.
Brian looked all over the internet and finally found where he could buy it and had it shipped here yesterday. He got me the shower gel, lotion and a sample of all their perfumes including the one I love.
It makes me day dream of walking the beach, drinking margaritas and listening to the waves at night. Then I get shot in the back with nerf guns by two little monkeys and get brought right back to reality.
At least I smell good!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Police Jokes

Why did the police officer cross the road?

To get to Dunkin Donuts!

It's even funnier that Nathan made that joke up! And he's only 8 years old! Hee hee!
And what's even funnier than that is hearing Brandon say the joke.

Why did the peath offither cross the rooooooaaad?

To get to duunkaan donuths.

Kids are so funny.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The day that never seemed to end

Yesterday was an emotional, icy, cold, long and horrible no good day.
Yesterday sucked.
Yesterday started at 5:45am and didn't end until 12:30am.
5:45am Alarm goes off. I snuggle with Brian as he moans "I don't want to go today."
5:50am Alarm goes off again. I get up and start the coffee. Brian lays in bed, wide eyed dreading whats about to happen.
6:00am Brian gets out of bed and meets me in the kitchen. He eats a little breakfast while I get his lunch ready and packed.
615am Brian starts getting ready while I go out and scrape what seems like 10" of ice off of his police car. It was really only 1/4" of ice but it sure seemed like a lot more!
6:30am Brian comes out to help me finish scraping ice off the car and the side walk.
7:00am Brian is in his uniform. Today he has to wear a tie and a black ribbon across his badge.
7:30am I kiss Brian good-bye as he leaves for the day. The whole day.
7:35am I make a cup of coffee, grab a book and head back to our warm bed. I read and sip my coffee then turn the news on for an update on the ice storm.
8:00am Brandon runs to my room and jumps in bed with me. We snuggle and watch Tom and Jerry chase each other.
9:00am Brandon decides that he's finally starving and needs breakfast right now! Chocolate milk, waffle and banana are one the menu today.
9:30am Nathan gets up and eats breakfast right away. He must have slept really well, his hair is crazy!
9:45am Nathan is super excited that there is no school today because of the ice storm. After he eats, him and Brandon pick out a movie to watch. Curled up on the couch with their blankets wrapped around them, they're ready to giggle for the next 2hrs. I grab the computer and my head phones.
9:55am I grab the Kleenex and position myself so the kids can't see the screen or my face.
10:00am It starts. The funeral for fallen Officer David Moore. David Moore died on Jan 26th after being shot multiple times. He was 29yrs old . He and Brian were in the same recruit class.
10:30am The tears start rolling. I scan the crowd for Brian but don't see him. I'd do anything to be there with him but thankful I'm not. I would love to sit next to him and hold his hand but glad he doesn't see me fall apart. The fears that I push to the back of my mind are front and center today. Today really, really sucks.
11:30am The kids' movie is almost done. I get up and get another activity ready for them. Play dough always keeps them busy and entertained.
11:40am I go back to the computer and watch as people speak about David. He was a great officer. Someone told the family that if the sun shines on the day of your funeral you were a good man, if it rains on the day of your funeral you were a great man. We were in the middle of a horrific ice storm...
12:30pm The kids are ready for lunch. Turkey and cheese sandwiches, veggies, yogurt and strawberries. Pretty tasty.
1:00pm The funeral is starting to come to a close. Because of the ice storm they canceled the grave side services, so they were done at the funeral. The rider-less horse, 21 gun salute, and his mom radioed in his last 10-42 (end of duty) call. Whoa, more tears.
1:30pm The funeral ends. Every officer places a white carnation on the casket as they walk by.
2:00pm For the rest of the afternoon the kids and I read, watch some more cartoons, do dishes and laundry.
2:30pm Brian reports to work. His work day is just starting. He's expecting to work a 24hr shift due to the bad weather.
5:30pm The kids and I eat dinner. Spicy chicken, corn, and cottage cheese.
6:00pm I text Brian but don't hear back from him.
7:00pm I give the kids their showers and we all read some library books. Dr.Seuss gives us the giggles. I don't know whats more funny, the stories themselves or me trying to say them without getting tongue tied!
8:00pm I get a call from Nathan's school that classes are canceled again for tomorrow. So we pop some popcorn and plug in Furry Vengeance. Funniest movie ever!
9:30pm Brian calls. He doesn't have to work 24hrs after all. Sigh of relief. But he's still going to be late coming home. "Keep the kids up"
10:00pm The movie is done and we listen to the radio while we wait for daddy to come home.
11:30pm Brian finally makes it home. The kids run to the door as soon as they hear his key in the lock. Giggles, squeals, kisses and hugs for everyone!
11:45pm-12am I get the kids to bed while Brian eats a little something. He looks like he's been run over a few times.
12am We talk about the funeral and his day.
12:30am We are in bed snuggling. I push those fears back where they belong.
He made it home.