Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The day that never seemed to end

Yesterday was an emotional, icy, cold, long and horrible no good day.
Yesterday sucked.
Yesterday started at 5:45am and didn't end until 12:30am.
5:45am Alarm goes off. I snuggle with Brian as he moans "I don't want to go today."
5:50am Alarm goes off again. I get up and start the coffee. Brian lays in bed, wide eyed dreading whats about to happen.
6:00am Brian gets out of bed and meets me in the kitchen. He eats a little breakfast while I get his lunch ready and packed.
615am Brian starts getting ready while I go out and scrape what seems like 10" of ice off of his police car. It was really only 1/4" of ice but it sure seemed like a lot more!
6:30am Brian comes out to help me finish scraping ice off the car and the side walk.
7:00am Brian is in his uniform. Today he has to wear a tie and a black ribbon across his badge.
7:30am I kiss Brian good-bye as he leaves for the day. The whole day.
7:35am I make a cup of coffee, grab a book and head back to our warm bed. I read and sip my coffee then turn the news on for an update on the ice storm.
8:00am Brandon runs to my room and jumps in bed with me. We snuggle and watch Tom and Jerry chase each other.
9:00am Brandon decides that he's finally starving and needs breakfast right now! Chocolate milk, waffle and banana are one the menu today.
9:30am Nathan gets up and eats breakfast right away. He must have slept really well, his hair is crazy!
9:45am Nathan is super excited that there is no school today because of the ice storm. After he eats, him and Brandon pick out a movie to watch. Curled up on the couch with their blankets wrapped around them, they're ready to giggle for the next 2hrs. I grab the computer and my head phones.
9:55am I grab the Kleenex and position myself so the kids can't see the screen or my face.
10:00am It starts. The funeral for fallen Officer David Moore. David Moore died on Jan 26th after being shot multiple times. He was 29yrs old . He and Brian were in the same recruit class.
10:30am The tears start rolling. I scan the crowd for Brian but don't see him. I'd do anything to be there with him but thankful I'm not. I would love to sit next to him and hold his hand but glad he doesn't see me fall apart. The fears that I push to the back of my mind are front and center today. Today really, really sucks.
11:30am The kids' movie is almost done. I get up and get another activity ready for them. Play dough always keeps them busy and entertained.
11:40am I go back to the computer and watch as people speak about David. He was a great officer. Someone told the family that if the sun shines on the day of your funeral you were a good man, if it rains on the day of your funeral you were a great man. We were in the middle of a horrific ice storm...
12:30pm The kids are ready for lunch. Turkey and cheese sandwiches, veggies, yogurt and strawberries. Pretty tasty.
1:00pm The funeral is starting to come to a close. Because of the ice storm they canceled the grave side services, so they were done at the funeral. The rider-less horse, 21 gun salute, and his mom radioed in his last 10-42 (end of duty) call. Whoa, more tears.
1:30pm The funeral ends. Every officer places a white carnation on the casket as they walk by.
2:00pm For the rest of the afternoon the kids and I read, watch some more cartoons, do dishes and laundry.
2:30pm Brian reports to work. His work day is just starting. He's expecting to work a 24hr shift due to the bad weather.
5:30pm The kids and I eat dinner. Spicy chicken, corn, and cottage cheese.
6:00pm I text Brian but don't hear back from him.
7:00pm I give the kids their showers and we all read some library books. Dr.Seuss gives us the giggles. I don't know whats more funny, the stories themselves or me trying to say them without getting tongue tied!
8:00pm I get a call from Nathan's school that classes are canceled again for tomorrow. So we pop some popcorn and plug in Furry Vengeance. Funniest movie ever!
9:30pm Brian calls. He doesn't have to work 24hrs after all. Sigh of relief. But he's still going to be late coming home. "Keep the kids up"
10:00pm The movie is done and we listen to the radio while we wait for daddy to come home.
11:30pm Brian finally makes it home. The kids run to the door as soon as they hear his key in the lock. Giggles, squeals, kisses and hugs for everyone!
11:45pm-12am I get the kids to bed while Brian eats a little something. He looks like he's been run over a few times.
12am We talk about the funeral and his day.
12:30am We are in bed snuggling. I push those fears back where they belong.
He made it home.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and my wife need to talk. Oh the fun of being a cops wife with kids.