Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Regular scheduled programming

What a week!
Some of Brian's family flew in this past weekend and it has been a whirlwind on fun! His brother and niece came in from Connecticut and his dad came in from Minnesota. We ate great food, went to the state fair, ate more food, played games, talked, ate, laughed, and oh, did I mention we ate some really good food!
I love it when family comes over, we always have such a great time.
The boys already miss everyone. They loved waking up and having Grandpa here for big hugs first thing in the morning. The loved having Auna here to play with and Uncle Rick to make them laugh. We also got to see other family members like Uncle Joe, Lauren and Kelila, Harmony, Uncle Eric and Chris. We made new friends with Kim and Gail and their lovely children. Nana and Papaw even made an appearance.
I think the best day was Saturday. We got to go to the state fair in the morning and ride some crazy rides, play games, and some of us ate tons of fair food. Then that evening we had a cookout at our house. The guys made some awesome food. I love it when the guys cook. Mainly because that means I don't have to cook but also because I don't have to cook! I just have to clean up the mess, which is a great trade off.
We are back to our regular normal life now. Brandon woke up asking for everyone today, Nathan didn't want to go to school and Brian didn't want to go to work. My morning coffee wasn't as enjoyable without Brian's dad telling me a story. We were a pretty pitiful site this morning!
Thanks for visiting us everyone, we really had a wonderful time.
PS...Penny, you have until next spring to heal up and join us! We missed you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I big boy

Brandon is growing up and changing every single day. I love watching him discover the world through little boy eyes. Crickets amaze him, beetles make him scream, pooping in the potty is the funniest thing ever and fire alarms are out of this world. Yep, fire alarms. He set one off at Walmart yesterday. My face turned every shade of red as I tried to turn it off , but of course that can't be done. You have to talk with someone who works there, let them know what happened, glare at your child with the "just wait until we get home" look and then gather you belongings and head for the closest register as fast as possible. Nathan thought it was hilarious since he wasn't the one in the hot seat for once.

Don't let his big brown eyes and chubby little cheeks ever fool you into thinking he's a little angel. What lies beneath that sugar coated face is this...

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Question: What happens when your phone rings and you see that your sons school is calling?

Answer: Beat your husband to get the phone out of his hands so you can answer it with pure panic in your voice.

Friday Nathan had a little accident on the playground at recess. He's ok but had a black and blue goose egg on his forehead. Apparently he tripped and went flying into the jungle gym. When I arrived at his school to check him out, he was sitting in the nurse's office holding an ice pack to his forehead. No tears or sniffles for my little trooper. That was until the nurse and I decided that he should go home so we could keep a close eye on him. Then he starts wailing because he wants to stay at school and play with his friends. I felt like such an over protective mom! It's not the first time I've felt like that and I'm sure it isn't going to be the last either.

So after convincing him that we would have fun he reluctantly came home with me. Brian strapped an ice pack to his head and they played a few video games. I made peanut butter surprise cookies, we ordered Korean food and watched a movie and ate popcorn.

Today the goose egg has went down but a large bruise in every shade of nastiness is splattered across his head. Nathan has also decided that he needs to pick up his feet when he runs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A letter to Nathan's first grade teacher

Dear Mrs. White,

Today you get to keep my son all day long. His little hand may reach for yours today because he sometimes gets nervous around new kids and needs a hand to hold. Please hold it as I would.
For his lunch, I packed something nutritious and yummy. I put a little letter in his lunch box to let him know that I'm thinking of him and love him so very much. He may need help reading it. Please help him and read it with love in your heart.
At recess today he'll probably look for his friends from Kindergarten and play cops and robbers. If he falls and scrapes his knee, can you wipe his tears and let him know that everything will be ok.
And, if by chance he gets teased by a classmate, would you beat the snot out of that little brat like I would if I were there.

Thank you and have a wonderful first day of first grade!

Nathan's mommy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Papaw!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We had such a great time. The kids really enjoy celebrating birthdays and since it was Papaw's big day it was even better.
We had a weenie roast, blew out birthday candles (a few times), ate key lime cheesecake, swam, roasted marshmallows, ate popcorn and ice cream bars and hugged and kissed him all day long. It was a great day.

Happy birthday dad! I hope your 57th year is the best one yet! xoxoxo

Friday, August 7, 2009

Life's questions

Why is climbing up the slide almost as fun as going down the slide?

Why do skinned up knees look worse when they are healing than when they happen?

Why do mosquitoes think my boys taste so freaking good?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer is now complete

The ice cream truck is no longer a fictional character to my children. We actually saw it and purchased two melty ice cream sandwiches from it today. According to the boys, they were soooooo good. Brandon wore most of his all over his face, down his arms and on his shirt. Nathan ate his so fast I almost thought he dropped it and didn't tell me we left it down the street. Here one minute and gone the next.
All summer long we missed the darn thing. Either she would drive around our neighborhood on cold rainy days when no one wanted ice cream (or mean mommies wouldn't let their kids out) or she would just not come around our neighborhood at all. But now that the kids actually know she exists, summer can now come to an end.

Summer break for Nathan is almost over anyway. He starts first grade in six short days.
First grade.
I'm not ready for this. He'll be gone all day long. He'll ride the bus home.
Can you hear that?
Shhh...listen very carefully.
That's the sound of panic setting into my heart.
Nathan is excited though. We got him a G.I.Joe back pack and lunch box. New tennis shoes and clothes. He's armed with all the first grade equipment...sharpened pencils, new crayons, fresh markers.
I've got six days to ready myself to let my baby head off into the world of all day school. There's no turning back.