Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Regular scheduled programming

What a week!
Some of Brian's family flew in this past weekend and it has been a whirlwind on fun! His brother and niece came in from Connecticut and his dad came in from Minnesota. We ate great food, went to the state fair, ate more food, played games, talked, ate, laughed, and oh, did I mention we ate some really good food!
I love it when family comes over, we always have such a great time.
The boys already miss everyone. They loved waking up and having Grandpa here for big hugs first thing in the morning. The loved having Auna here to play with and Uncle Rick to make them laugh. We also got to see other family members like Uncle Joe, Lauren and Kelila, Harmony, Uncle Eric and Chris. We made new friends with Kim and Gail and their lovely children. Nana and Papaw even made an appearance.
I think the best day was Saturday. We got to go to the state fair in the morning and ride some crazy rides, play games, and some of us ate tons of fair food. Then that evening we had a cookout at our house. The guys made some awesome food. I love it when the guys cook. Mainly because that means I don't have to cook but also because I don't have to cook! I just have to clean up the mess, which is a great trade off.
We are back to our regular normal life now. Brandon woke up asking for everyone today, Nathan didn't want to go to school and Brian didn't want to go to work. My morning coffee wasn't as enjoyable without Brian's dad telling me a story. We were a pretty pitiful site this morning!
Thanks for visiting us everyone, we really had a wonderful time.
PS...Penny, you have until next spring to heal up and join us! We missed you!

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Cindy said...

Oh, fun!!! I think i need to fly back for one of these "moments" You let me know when the next one is!