Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

Last night my dad and I got to go to a baseball game all by ourselves. Shhh...don't tell the kids. Nathan would probably blow a gasket and Brandon would pout all day. We usually take them with us but I was ready for some alone time with my dad. The air was crisp, we ate hot dogs and popcorn, we sat in cold hard seats and watched foul balls zip over our heads. It was great. I love baseball but usually only make it to one game a season. And then we never stay for the whole game. Either the kids get restless or it gets late and the kids get tired. Even last night without the kids we only stayed until the 8th inning, I wanted to get home so I could put them to bed. That's pretty sad. But my dad fully understands.
I don't even know who won last night but I had a wonderful time just sitting beside my dad in those cold, hard seats saying nothing at all.

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Cindy said...

Here's me - teary-eyed with memories of baseball games with Papa Pittsley. Good memories are often planned. So glad you got your time with your dad. :)