Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun fun fun

It's only Saturday and this weekend has been an all out blast. Friday before Nathan got out of school, Brandon and I put up a small tent in the backyard. It's still amazes me how easily amused my children are. As soon as Nathan got off the bus Brandon was dragging him to the backyard to see their new man cave.( Sampson thinks it's a deluxe doggie bungalow and drags his toys in there to play with the boys. )
So last night we invited our neighbors out for ice cream and by the time we got home it was just starting to get dark. We all piled into our backyard with flash lights, glow sticks, a "camp" fire and we also had a safari hunt around the neighborhood. The kids ran around the backyard with their lights, they hunted for crazy yellow birds (Brandon's big bird chair) and played red light, green light. They ran for 2 straight hours. They were sweaty, dirty, exhausted and ready for root beer float popsicles. And of course they had to eat those drippy popsicles in the already steamy tent. Oh well, what's a little mess among friends anyway?
Today the boys slept in a whole hour and then they were ready to go outside for some more fun. They played in their tent all morning then Brandon took a two and a half hour nap to recharge and was off again like a speeding bullet. I wish I had their energy. Maybe if I took a two and a half hour nap I would.

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