Monday, March 30, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Last night the kids were so excited that daddy was coming home from Minnesota. They had been bouncing off the walls all afternoon, so much so that Brandon completely wore himself out and just couldn't keep his big brown eyes open any longer. As soon as I put him down it wasn't 3 minutes and Brian walked through the door. I ran back into Brandon's room, snatched him out of his bed and whispered that daddy was home. That perked him right up. "Daddy ome! Daddy ome!" (he doesn't say his h's very well yet) Nathan and Brandon were on him like glue. They love their daddy. And as an added bonus they got to see their Uncle Joe too. What a night!
Brandon has been so tired today. I thought he was just tired from a busy weekend at Nana and Papaw's (thanks for a great weekend mom and dad!) and staying up late with Brian but I believe the little man is getting sick. After taking a 3 hour nap this afternoon I woke him up so we could go out to eat with Uncle Joe, Lauren and Kelila but he had rosy cheeks and a hot heat. His fever was hitting around 101.5. So, he and I will be staying in tonight while Brian and Nathan enjoy Korean food at Mama's House. Brian has strict orders to bring me back some Bebeem Bop though.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Letters to Heaven

Brian left this weekend for Minnesota. Grandpa Pittsley past away and today was the memorial service. The boys and I didn't get to go, a combination between a too long drive for two little boys and one little 6 year old with a very sensitive heart. Since we didn't get to go say "goodbye" to Grandpa Pittsley we decided to send letters to heaven for him to read. We got two purple balloons with purple ribbons and drew on purple cards just for him.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conversation with the stars

Nathan and Brandon love the stars and the moon and looking at pictures of the planets. We have spent many nights sitting outside wrapped in blankets just watching and wondering about the stars. Nathan likes to make up stories about who lives in outer space, what it would be like to walk on the moon and wonders if he could jump from ring to ring on Saturn. Brandon loves to listen to Nathan's stories. And he makes sure to tell the moon and stars good night every night, whether he can see them or not.
Yesterday at school Nathan went to a star lab. He was so excited to tell us all about it when we got home. They got to go into a huge tent that was really dark, there was one huge "flashlight" that the stars came out of and the best part, according to Nathan, was playing connect the dots with the stars. "Mommy, did you know you could play connect the dots with the stars and it makes a conversation?"
Conversation? Constellation. Heehee!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Finally spring is here! It seems like it takes forever for spring to arrive. Today is a perfect day for it too. The temperature is nice a crisp, the trees are budding and those silly birds in our back yard started singing before the sun was up. I love birds but I don't like that they think its ok to sing before 8am. That's not very polite, but what can you do, they're birds.
Nathan brought home an absolute wonderful report card tonight. His teacher says he is a skilled writer and has mastered everything they have learned this far. Can you see my chest puff out with proudness? Let's just hope Nathan doesn't pick up on my vocabulary skills. Proudness? Is that even a word? I think it's a mommy word.
To celebrate spring, Friday and great report card I think we might just have to go get some ice cream.
With whipped cream.
Maybe a cherry and some sprinkles too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Warm Weather Tears

When the warm weather finally arrives to our neck of the woods we head outside. We paint our drive way with brilliant colored sidewalk chalk. We walk to school. We walk our neighborhood to take inventory on the new pets that have taken up residence. And we play for hours at the playground. But when it is time to go home the boys plead with me as if this is the only day they will ever get to play outside all year long. "Please mommy, one more time down the slide" Nathan begs. Brandon's eyes are always wide with panic "peese mommy mooore!" One more time down the slide turns into five and they always make sure to never, ever make eye contact with me. Eye contact means the end of all fun.
By the time I get both of them corralled Nathan is pouting and won't talk to me and Brandon has crocodile tears brewing. It's a pretty pitiful site to see. We walk home and slowly the boys start talking to me again. Promises of whipped cream and strawberries always seems to bring the smiles back.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

100,000 mile check-up

This week I had to take Curly to the vet. The same vet where I'd taken Moe. It was kind of hard to go there and see where I had to put Moe to sleep then leave Curly there to have a small surgery. Curly had a cyst on the side of his mouth that was removed, a few tumors off of his back removed, his third eyelid fixed, his teeth cleaned and a few teeth pulled. It was his 100,000 mile check-up.
I really like this vet. He is so gentle with the animals. He talks to them like they are his own and tells them that he is sorry before he gives them a shot. The only inconvenient part of the whole thing is that you have to wait sometimes 3hrs before seeing him. You sign in when you get there and then wait your turn. But as a stay at home mom this actually works out in my favor. See, I leave the kids with Brian, grab the dog, a magazine, a snack, turn the radio on and sit in peace for 3 whole hours. No kids yelling or fighting. No one besides Curly letting me know that it's time to go pee (again). Just peace and quiet. I got to snuggle with Curly and listen to him snore, watch little puppies stumble in the yard, and watch a boxer get in trouble for eating his owners chicken dinner while she was inside signing in.
That was my silver lining.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Padawans

The force is strong with my little men. They are growing up to be just like their daddy...rotten.
Nathan has noticed my weaknesses and thrives on perfecting his skills. He knows that I'm a big sissy and that a "boo'' will scare the snot right out of me. So, everyday when I go out to get the mail he will hide behind the door and jump out at me. This scares me every singe day. You would think that I would eventually get use to this or at least remember that he will be there, but no my mind is off in la-la land and he gets me everyday. Everyday!
Then there is Brandon. Simply put he is a nut. And he knows all of my buttons to push to get me aggravated then he'll flash his little smile at me. That little smile is saying "job accomplished. Mommy is at the edge but I'm too cute for her to yell at."
Rotten little boys.
But I love 'em. Their daddy too.

Friday, March 6, 2009

That silly Seuss

To mark the end of Nathan's Dr. Seuss week at school he got to wear his pajama's today. First he had his Batman pj's on which make his little legs look like tooth picks, then his camo pj's which makes him look like he is getting ready for a great flood and finally deciding on his motorcycle pj's which fit him just right.
This week has been such a blast. Silly hats and socks were made, pj's worn all day long, we got to "Cut loose with Dr. Seuss" last night for literacy night at Nathan's school and today we had dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. We've read so many Dr. Seuss books this week that I started dreaming of Horton and Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Speaking of Thing 1 and Thing 2, Nathan and Brandon have been enjoying our warm weather the past couple of days. Today we actually got to play outside for a little while and take a walk around the neighborhood. Hopefully the nice weather will last and spring will arrive with all of her beauty. I'm so ready for Honeysuckle and Morning Glory's.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Silly Hat Day

This week at Nathan's school they are celebrating all things Dr. Seuss. Pretty much every day they are doing something "silly." Today was silly hat day as you can see from the above picture. Nathan thought that it would be funny if we put his little army soldiers on top of his camo hat. So, at 2am this morning Brian and I were sewing little army men to his hat. Nathan was very impressed that daddy helped with this project and wore his hat with all the pride in the world today. And to go along with his camo hat he had to wear his Army shirt and camo pants. Brandon could not be left out of all the fun so we had to make him a silly hat too. Googly eyes and pom-poms on top of pipe cleaners made perfect little antennas for my little monster.
Tomorrow is silly sock day. Hopefully I will not be up at 2am finishing that project.