Friday, March 20, 2009


Finally spring is here! It seems like it takes forever for spring to arrive. Today is a perfect day for it too. The temperature is nice a crisp, the trees are budding and those silly birds in our back yard started singing before the sun was up. I love birds but I don't like that they think its ok to sing before 8am. That's not very polite, but what can you do, they're birds.
Nathan brought home an absolute wonderful report card tonight. His teacher says he is a skilled writer and has mastered everything they have learned this far. Can you see my chest puff out with proudness? Let's just hope Nathan doesn't pick up on my vocabulary skills. Proudness? Is that even a word? I think it's a mommy word.
To celebrate spring, Friday and great report card I think we might just have to go get some ice cream.
With whipped cream.
Maybe a cherry and some sprinkles too.

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