Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conversation with the stars

Nathan and Brandon love the stars and the moon and looking at pictures of the planets. We have spent many nights sitting outside wrapped in blankets just watching and wondering about the stars. Nathan likes to make up stories about who lives in outer space, what it would be like to walk on the moon and wonders if he could jump from ring to ring on Saturn. Brandon loves to listen to Nathan's stories. And he makes sure to tell the moon and stars good night every night, whether he can see them or not.
Yesterday at school Nathan went to a star lab. He was so excited to tell us all about it when we got home. They got to go into a huge tent that was really dark, there was one huge "flashlight" that the stars came out of and the best part, according to Nathan, was playing connect the dots with the stars. "Mommy, did you know you could play connect the dots with the stars and it makes a conversation?"
Conversation? Constellation. Heehee!

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