Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Padawans

The force is strong with my little men. They are growing up to be just like their daddy...rotten.
Nathan has noticed my weaknesses and thrives on perfecting his skills. He knows that I'm a big sissy and that a "boo'' will scare the snot right out of me. So, everyday when I go out to get the mail he will hide behind the door and jump out at me. This scares me every singe day. You would think that I would eventually get use to this or at least remember that he will be there, but no my mind is off in la-la land and he gets me everyday. Everyday!
Then there is Brandon. Simply put he is a nut. And he knows all of my buttons to push to get me aggravated then he'll flash his little smile at me. That little smile is saying "job accomplished. Mommy is at the edge but I'm too cute for her to yell at."
Rotten little boys.
But I love 'em. Their daddy too.

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