Sunday, March 15, 2009

100,000 mile check-up

This week I had to take Curly to the vet. The same vet where I'd taken Moe. It was kind of hard to go there and see where I had to put Moe to sleep then leave Curly there to have a small surgery. Curly had a cyst on the side of his mouth that was removed, a few tumors off of his back removed, his third eyelid fixed, his teeth cleaned and a few teeth pulled. It was his 100,000 mile check-up.
I really like this vet. He is so gentle with the animals. He talks to them like they are his own and tells them that he is sorry before he gives them a shot. The only inconvenient part of the whole thing is that you have to wait sometimes 3hrs before seeing him. You sign in when you get there and then wait your turn. But as a stay at home mom this actually works out in my favor. See, I leave the kids with Brian, grab the dog, a magazine, a snack, turn the radio on and sit in peace for 3 whole hours. No kids yelling or fighting. No one besides Curly letting me know that it's time to go pee (again). Just peace and quiet. I got to snuggle with Curly and listen to him snore, watch little puppies stumble in the yard, and watch a boxer get in trouble for eating his owners chicken dinner while she was inside signing in.
That was my silver lining.

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