Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 more day

1 more day until school starts.
We get to meet the teachers tonight and drop off school supplies.
I'm still crying.
It still sucks.

Monday, July 30, 2012

2 more days

2 more days until school starts.
I started crying 2 days ago.
It sucks.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Toes in the water

If the boys had to choose between spending the night at Nana and Papaw's or hanging out with their dear loving mama, I think know I would be tossed aside like yesterdays news. But who wouldn't? They got to swim, cook out, roast marshmallows, shop for new toys, eat ice cream three times in one day, camp out on the floor, eat more junk food and do all the things that I don't let them do. I kinda wished I spent the night too. I want to eat ice cream three times in one day...

Since I was all alone and bored, I sat on the back deck a shared a beer with my best buddy Samson. He likes to act like an only child when the boys are gone.

Then Brian came home and we were bored together. It was nice. We don't get a lot of alone time. But it's always funny when we do, because all we do is talk about the kids and wonder what they're doing.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot summer

This summer has been insanely hot. Crazy hot! In the 100's hot! We had a few days of cool 80-90 degree relief but today it's 95 and humid. It kinda sucks.
Other than the weather, we've had a nice summer. Last week we had out of town family here. The boys were in heaven! Grandpa, Penny and David drove down from MN and Uncle Rick and Auna were here from CT. We went to movies, the arcade, had a cook out and just hung out enjoying each others company. It was really nice having everyone together and really sad to see everyone leave.
Now we are getting ready for school. Just a couple more weeks and Nathan will be a big 4th grader and Brandon will start kindergarten. Crayons, glue sticks and number 2 pencils will need to be bought along with Kleenex for the first day of school. I may need a tissue or two to get me through the day. I'll now be handing off both of my children to strangers. It just doesn't feel right. But I suppose those apron strings need to be cut. And I may be a tad bit dramatic about the stranger part. Just a tad though.