Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Checklist



Root beer Floats...Check
We are off to a good start.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No more pencils, no more books...

Summer vacation is finally here! My little man is now a first grader. Holy cow, where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were packing Nathan's back pack for the first day of school. Unopened boxes of crayons, a new Incredible Hulk notebook, sharp No. 2 pencils are now replaced with broken crayons, the notebook is filled will little Nathan stories and the pencils are dull and the erasers are worn from correcting misspelled words. So much has been learned this year. Not only by Nathan but me too.
He has learned how to solve math problems, read, spell, make new friends and become an independent young man. I've learned to let him do his own thing and that he doesn't need me to hold his hand every second of the day. My lessons were a little harder to comprehend and accept but I've finally let them soak into my thick skull and just go with it.
I'm so proud of Nathan. He is smart, kind and very determined. I couldn't be any happier.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What's in your pocket?

Boys love putting their treasures in their pockets.
Here's a list of things I have found in Nathan and Brandon's pockets this week.
Rocks... both boys
Baseball card... Nathan
Lady bug (dead)... Brandon
Bar of soap... Brandon
Earth worm (still alive)... Brandon
Leaves... both boys
Dirt... both boys
Gum (chewed)... Brandon
Money ($1.03)... Nathan
Toothbrush... Brandon
Flashlight... both boys
Hot wheel car... Nathan
My cell phone... Brandon
My keys... Brandon
Candy... both boys
Can you guess what stuff belongs to which kid?
Check back tomorrow and I'll let you know...
So, did you get any right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cheese and Dirt

My kids are filthy. So filthy that there is a ring around the tub.
Since Brandon eats like a champ, there was macaroni and cheese behind his ears, in his hair, up his nose and matted in his eyebrows. I don't even know how he does it.
And Nathan plays like it's the last time he'll ever get to play, he had dirt in every nook and cranny.
It's pretty bad that I have to scrub the tub after I bathe my kids.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Unwelcome visitor

I dropped Nathan off at school, put Brandon down for a nap and I was going to spend some time outside by myself doing yard work this afternoon. The key word is suppose to be "by myself." Someone else had plans of their own to ruin my alone time. That someone was a slithery little snake that scared the snot out of me and froze my feet to the ground. I don't like snakes. I don't care how they eat bugs and mice. I don't believe it when someone says that the snake is more scared of us than we are of it. I just don't believe that. And if you could have seen me this afternoon you wouldn't believe that either.
I was putting up some new hanging flower pots on my front porch when I noticed how shabby my shrubs looked. As I took a closer look at the shrub I thought that it was dying because it was brown right in the middle. But as I leaned even closer I realized that brown stuff had a head and beady little eyes. That when I screamed, jumped, shivered and just about wet myself. Of course Brian isn't home to rescue me so I had to figure something else out. That's when I saw my neighbor. The poor man was just washing his car, minding his own business when I stroll up bug-eyed and asking him if he is afraid of snakes. Thank God he isn't a sissy like me! He chased my unwelcome visitor away and I got to finish my yard work.
I don't like snakes. Nope. Not at all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

sniffle...cough...sniffle sniffle

We are sick. By "we" I mean the little ones and me. Brian doesn't have what we have...yet. I'm just waiting for him to wake up one morning yelling because I gave him cooties. I know it's not nice to laugh at someone when they're sick, but it's seriously funny when Brian gets sick.
When the boys get sick they still run around like little bunnies bouncing off the walls until every ounce of energy is spent. Only then do they crawl in my lap and beg for me to rub their back or tummies.
When I'm sick, I still have to get up when they get up. Make breakfast, do the dishes, mow the lawn, play outside, blah, blah. I don't get to call in sick. There's no such thing as "sick days" for mommies. Nope. Not in the job description. I checked, twice.
But if Brian gets sick the world must stop. Hold the phone, big daddy needs a tissue. He gets to stay home from work, sleep all day, tell the kids they have to be quiet because daddy doesn't feel good and I get to go get him medicine. Big sissy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Five random things that I love about my mom...

1. Laughing together about the stuff we've done in the past is my absolute favorite thing to do with her
2. She tells me that whatever I bake is the best she's ever had...even if it isn't.
3. My boys are totally in love with her and she with them
4. She'll tell me how great I look, even when I look like a ragamuffin
5. She understands me better than anyone else

Love ya mom!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Shh...shh...secret agent

Nathan has always been very fascinated with spy's and anyone who has to sneak around to catch the bad guys.
When he was three years old he started sneaking around the house saying "shh...shh...secret agent" and spying on us. It always cracked me up because here he is trying to be sly and quiet but he's making so much noise by singing this little theme song.
He has recently recruited a number 2 for backup and recon missions. Nathan taught Brandon their theme song yesterday and today they have went on a few missions together. Now I hear "shh...shh..secret" in Brandons little but not so quiet voice followed by Nathan finishing up their phrase "agent".
I love it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Brandon loves bubbles.
Blowing bubbles in the backyard.
Blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk.
Taking baby bubble baths are his favorite evening activity.
He loves everything that looks like bubbles too.
The fuzzy dandelions that blow in the wind.
Bubble gum bubbles.
Rain drops racing down the windows.
Everything reminds him of bubbles.
His perfectly round cheeks remind me of bubbles.
Both sets of them!