Friday, May 8, 2009

Shh...shh...secret agent

Nathan has always been very fascinated with spy's and anyone who has to sneak around to catch the bad guys.
When he was three years old he started sneaking around the house saying "shh...shh...secret agent" and spying on us. It always cracked me up because here he is trying to be sly and quiet but he's making so much noise by singing this little theme song.
He has recently recruited a number 2 for backup and recon missions. Nathan taught Brandon their theme song yesterday and today they have went on a few missions together. Now I hear "shh...shh..secret" in Brandons little but not so quiet voice followed by Nathan finishing up their phrase "agent".
I love it.


Grandpa said...

They are really cute, however I know their "Harvey's". Got the Amer-a-thon from Sawmill. I think I can handle 25 laps at $1.00 per lap. Sent check to the school

Mommy to Monkeys said...

Thanks for the support on the school fundraiser. The kids are really excited to get a new playground!