Monday, March 2, 2009

Silly Hat Day

This week at Nathan's school they are celebrating all things Dr. Seuss. Pretty much every day they are doing something "silly." Today was silly hat day as you can see from the above picture. Nathan thought that it would be funny if we put his little army soldiers on top of his camo hat. So, at 2am this morning Brian and I were sewing little army men to his hat. Nathan was very impressed that daddy helped with this project and wore his hat with all the pride in the world today. And to go along with his camo hat he had to wear his Army shirt and camo pants. Brandon could not be left out of all the fun so we had to make him a silly hat too. Googly eyes and pom-poms on top of pipe cleaners made perfect little antennas for my little monster.
Tomorrow is silly sock day. Hopefully I will not be up at 2am finishing that project.

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