Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer is now complete

The ice cream truck is no longer a fictional character to my children. We actually saw it and purchased two melty ice cream sandwiches from it today. According to the boys, they were soooooo good. Brandon wore most of his all over his face, down his arms and on his shirt. Nathan ate his so fast I almost thought he dropped it and didn't tell me we left it down the street. Here one minute and gone the next.
All summer long we missed the darn thing. Either she would drive around our neighborhood on cold rainy days when no one wanted ice cream (or mean mommies wouldn't let their kids out) or she would just not come around our neighborhood at all. But now that the kids actually know she exists, summer can now come to an end.

Summer break for Nathan is almost over anyway. He starts first grade in six short days.
First grade.
I'm not ready for this. He'll be gone all day long. He'll ride the bus home.
Can you hear that?
Shhh...listen very carefully.
That's the sound of panic setting into my heart.
Nathan is excited though. We got him a G.I.Joe back pack and lunch box. New tennis shoes and clothes. He's armed with all the first grade equipment...sharpened pencils, new crayons, fresh markers.
I've got six days to ready myself to let my baby head off into the world of all day school. There's no turning back.

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