Friday, July 31, 2009

Favorite Things...

Nathan and Brandon are constantly changing their minds about what their favorite things are. One day Nathan can't get enough chocolate milk, the next day he only wants white milk. For the past 2 years Brandon had to eat oatmeal every single morning, but now if he doesn't have yogurt the world just doesn't spin right.
I like consistency so having two little mind changers around puts a little spice in my life. It's fun, sometimes frustrating, and always interesting.
Brandon usually likes bubbles in his bath but a few days ago he decided that bubbles are evil and will eat him alive if he got into a tub full of them. Then last night he screamed bloody murder because there were no bubbles in his bath. Nathan use to like cherry yogurt, but this morning he decided that it's the nastiest flavor ever. I agree, cherry yogurt is pretty gross, but I just bought a bunch of it at the grocery store last night for him. It makes you want to say "What the hell?" But I don't. Brandon would surely repeat my little phrase in his not so little voice while it's really quiet at the doctor's office or something.
Lego's are cool, sidewalk chalk not so much unless it's 3D. GI Joe and Buzz Lightyear are awesome but Barney has been kicked to the curb (thank goodness!).
But that's just this week. Who knows what they'll like tomorrow.

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