Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I big boy

Brandon is growing up and changing every single day. I love watching him discover the world through little boy eyes. Crickets amaze him, beetles make him scream, pooping in the potty is the funniest thing ever and fire alarms are out of this world. Yep, fire alarms. He set one off at Walmart yesterday. My face turned every shade of red as I tried to turn it off , but of course that can't be done. You have to talk with someone who works there, let them know what happened, glare at your child with the "just wait until we get home" look and then gather you belongings and head for the closest register as fast as possible. Nathan thought it was hilarious since he wasn't the one in the hot seat for once.

Don't let his big brown eyes and chubby little cheeks ever fool you into thinking he's a little angel. What lies beneath that sugar coated face is this...

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