Saturday, August 15, 2009


Question: What happens when your phone rings and you see that your sons school is calling?

Answer: Beat your husband to get the phone out of his hands so you can answer it with pure panic in your voice.

Friday Nathan had a little accident on the playground at recess. He's ok but had a black and blue goose egg on his forehead. Apparently he tripped and went flying into the jungle gym. When I arrived at his school to check him out, he was sitting in the nurse's office holding an ice pack to his forehead. No tears or sniffles for my little trooper. That was until the nurse and I decided that he should go home so we could keep a close eye on him. Then he starts wailing because he wants to stay at school and play with his friends. I felt like such an over protective mom! It's not the first time I've felt like that and I'm sure it isn't going to be the last either.

So after convincing him that we would have fun he reluctantly came home with me. Brian strapped an ice pack to his head and they played a few video games. I made peanut butter surprise cookies, we ordered Korean food and watched a movie and ate popcorn.

Today the goose egg has went down but a large bruise in every shade of nastiness is splattered across his head. Nathan has also decided that he needs to pick up his feet when he runs.

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Cindy said...

Well, I'm gonna warn you - Vanessa was like this...she to this day has had so many broken bones etc. The joke in our family was that we always ended up in ER on our wedding anniversary with Vanessa. Seriously, for years! That's because softball season had already started in Spanish Fork, - our anniversary was May 5...
AND his Grandpa Greg is held together with stitches...You are in for fun times with those two boys!!!