Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blue Ribbon

Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to enter his schools science fair. He had huge dreams of building spewing volcano's or squishy quick sand or possibly sending something into orbit. But when his mommy told him he wasn't allowed to do those things (per school science fair rules) he set his sights on bubble gum. He wanted to know which bubble gum would blow the biggest bubbles. So off he went to the store and purchased three types of bubble gum and art supplies. Double Bubble, Bazoka and Hubba Bubba were the test subjects. His hypothesis: Hubba Bubba would blow the biggest bubble since it was so soft and easiest to blow bubbles with. His beautiful assistant (aka mommy) took pictures and measured the bubbles he blew, then he recorded all the data. This little boy worked really hard making sure his presentation board was just right with all his research, pictures and data. He took his experiment to school to be judged with all the other kids' experiments and explained how Hubba Bubba was the one that blew the biggest bubbles. And wouldn't you know, that little boy won first place in the science fair! His mommy (aka the beautiful assistant) hung his blue ribbon on the refrigerator where all things important are displayed.

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