Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost minds

For the love of me I cannot remember what I did with my mind. I've lost it before, a few times actually, but this time something is different. This time it may be gone forever. I think it's because of the snow and cold temperatures. Nathan's mind must be gone too because he has totally forgotten how to listen.
"Nathan" I say "don't play in the snow. Get straight into the van so we can get to school on time." Silence. "Nathan, did you just hear what I said?" Silence. "Nathan Gregory!" "Yes I heard you mommy."
Coats are zipped, gloves are on and we are out the door.
I get Brandon buckled into his car seat snug as a bug and look over to see why Nathan has yet to open his door and climb in.
Gee, I wonder, what ever could that boy be doing? I walk over to the other side of the van to find him face first in a pile of snow.
Deep breath. Don't yell to loudly, the neighbors are out.
I grab the back of his coat and drag him out from his frozen pile of trouble. Just then does he remember that he wasn't suppose to play in the snow. Stuttering, he tries to explain that he "fell" and really wasn't "playing." I dust off the snow, mumbling under my breath, and get him buckled into his seat.
Our car ride to school is pretty quiet. I glanced at him in the rear view mirror to see him bug-eyed and waiting to see what punishment will be handed out. I can already read his mind "please don't take the video games away, not the video games, anything but that!"
Oh please! I'm not going to punish him. I can barely keep from laughing at this point. We have a little discussion about listening and why I didn't want him playing in the snow before school.
Many apologizes were said and off he went to school. Wet pants and all.

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