Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

Around 13 inches of snow was dumped on us last night. 13 freaking inches!
The boys were so excited when they discovered the white stuff this morning. And as an added bonus it is daddy's day off and school was cancelled today. So we have watched movies, played in the snow while daddy cleared off the driveway, drank hot chocolate, played video games, took naps and soon we are going to make spicy pork and rice for dinner. What a great day!
Yesterday the boys had their yearly doctor's appointments. Nathan now stands tall at 46 inches. That's two whole inches he has grown, I think it happened a few weeks ago though. And the skinny little thing weighs in at a whopping 44 lbs. Tall and skinny, minus a front tooth which he lost last week. His other front tooth is hanging by a "thread" and then all he'll need for Christmas are his two front teeth. According to the growth chart that the doctor keeps he is in the 50% range for his age. Right on track.
Brandon on the other hand is in the 90% range for his weight and 97% range for his height. He weighs 32.7 lbs and stands 37 inches tall. The doctor just shakes her head in wonder at him. "You are one big boy" she says. Brandon gives her a cheesy smile to show off his chunky cheeks, which makes her laugh even more. "There's nothing wrong with being big" she says "that just gives us more to love." How true!
Both the boys are healthy and happy. Can't ask for more than that.

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