Monday, January 19, 2009

Nasty Chocolate Cake

This weekend has been one big party. Since Brian was off this weekend we decided to have Brandon's birthday celebration early (he technically doesn't turn 2 until the 23rd). Saturday we had pizza and some nasty birthday cake with my parents. The nasty birthday cake was my fault. I wanted to make a chocolate cake from scratch but it didn't turn out very well. Actually it was really gross!
Then Sunday we got together with Brian's mom and brother Joe, Lauren and Kelila for a Korean dinner and a store bought birthday cake that really wasn't much better than what I made. Ok, it was a little better but not by much!
On Brandon's actual birthday I'm going to take another jab at making a cake from scratch. I've don't it before and they've always turned out really good, but there's something about baking with chocolate. I just can't get it right.
That's the thing I need to learn how to do this year. Make a good chocolate cake. With good icing. Something that doesn't need a gallon of milk to wash it down because it's so dry.
The quest it on. If you have a good recipe for chocolate cake, please send it my way.

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