Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Bee's

We've been busy, busy, busy this past week. Well, not really busy, just enjoying the summer. This is what we've done:

  • Nana and Papaw let us come down and swim in their pool, fed us yummy food and stuffed our faces with the best desserts ever! (I made the desserts, so of course they were great! Just ask me, I'll tell you!)

  • Uncle Rick was in town so we got to hang out with him. The boys fought over who was going to sit next to him, he took them out for ice cream and played baseball in the back yard.

  • We also got to see Uncle Eric and he taught the kids how to "pull his finger." Thanks Uncle Eric!

  • Harmony (Brian's mom) took us to the Korean store and loaded the kids up with every snack possible.

  • We have also been to the playground a few times and spent countless hours in our back yard playing in the sprinkler, sandbox and picking our neighbor's flowers.

  • I've taken Nathan to our public library for story time and we've signed up for their summer reading program. So far we have read three books.

That was our week. Now it is raining and we are stuck inside. Brian is off for the next three days and I think we are going to try to take the kids to Uncle Eric's fire station to see the fire trucks, maybe the Children's Museum and possibly bowling. Fun, fun, fun!

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