Monday, October 13, 2008

All is well

After school today Nathan said that he and the boy that "hurted" his feelings the other day are friends again. The other boy apologized to Nathan and Nathan told him that it was "ok." Oh what a relief. I don't have to go there and thump some little kids head. Just joking, I wouldn't seriously do that, even if the thought did cross my mind.
On the Brandon front, he had been a total cluts today. I have kissed boo-boo's all day long. He stepped on a block, I kissed his toes. He shut his hand in the door, I kissed his fingers. He got his head stuck in a sand bucket, I kissed his cheeks. He goes through these little phases about once a week. I love that my kisses fix all of his little boo-boo's and usually stops all the tears.

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