Saturday, October 11, 2008

"My feelings got hurted"

Last night Nathan told me that his "feelings were hurted at school." One of the boys that he has been friends with since the beginning of school decided that he doesn't what to be my baby's friend anymore. There were no arguments, no drama between the two, the other boy told Nathan that he didn't like his shirt and didn't want to be his friend anymore. My first thought was to go to the school, find this little boy and ask him why he doesn't want to be my baby's friend anymore. Nathan is a great person and if he doesn't want to be my baby's friend than he is missing out and Nathan doesn't need him anyway! Then my second thought was, oh yeah, this is kindergarten. Kids are kids and probably by next week they will be best friends.
Brian is so much better at handling this sort of thing, I get way too emotional. I was in tears as Nathan told me the whole story and I could see the wheels turning in Brian's head as he thought of stuff to tell Nathan. Brian told him that if someone is not nice and telling him that he doesn't like him because of a shirt, then he is better off not being friends with that person. Brian reminded him that he has lots of nice friends at school and he is going to be ok. All I could do was hold him and wipe away both of our tears. After the pep talk from Brian, Nathan was just fine and hasn't talked about it since. He's a strong little man, just like his daddy.

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