Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween!

"It's Halloween!" That's what came out of Nathan's mouth first thing this morning, at the top of his lungs. Oh, he's so excited he can barely contain himself. He has checked on his costume three times today to make sure it is all there. This year he is going to be the mighty Wolverine. I told Nathan that he could decide what Brandon was going to be this year, as long as it was something we had around the house. We have tons of dress up clothes and costumes. So, after a week of sorting through all of the costumes, Nathan finally decided that Brandon should be a cowboy with a badge. "A Sheriff? A cowboy sheriff?" I said. "No mommy. A cowboy (a small pause) with a badge!" Excuse me.
Today at school Nathan's class is having a Fall Party. He came home yesterday talking as fast as he could about having cookies and Kool-aid, lemon flavored Kool-aid. I'm not sure what else they are going to do. When his teacher said cookies and Kool-aid, his brain probably shut down after that. Cookies and Kool-aid, that's a lot of sugar. I bet she's going to give that to the kids right before she sends them home. Thanks a lot Ms. George!

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