Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween is becoming my favorite holiday. I love the costumes, pumpkins, candy, kids so excited they almost explode. We had such a blast yesterday. I got to volunteer in Nathan's classroom for his fall party. They had their cookies and kool-aid, played candy corn bingo and painted pictures. Then to burn off all of the sugar they inhaled, everyone got to play on the playground. 5 and 6 year olds are so funny. It almost makes me want to become a kindergarten teacher...almost. I was so proud of Nathan, he was so well behaved and polite. On the way back into the school after recess, most of the kids were being really loud down the hallway. Ms. George stopped the line and started to give them a little lecture about how they are suppose to act in the hallway. Nathan turns around to find me and then mouths "it wasn't me!" Ms. George just about lost it. He was going to make sure that I knew it wasn't him making all that noise. He knew if he got in trouble there would be no trick-or-treating!
After school, my parents met us at the house and treated Brian and I (the kids too) to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. If you have never been there, you need to go. It was soooo good!
Then we came home, put on the kids' costumes and off we went for a night of candy gathering. Nathan was so proud of Wolverine costume. The claws are his favorite part, even though it was hard to pick up the candy. Brandon could care less about his costume, but he was the cutest little sheriff in town! We walked the whole neighborhood, knocking on doors, picking out candy and saying hi to everyone that walked by. The boys are the social butterflies of the family.
As an added bonus to the night, Nathan lost another tooth after dinner. The tooth fairy stopped by for a little visit and left some money in exchange for his little baby tooth.
Nathan told me last night as I was tucking him into bed that this was "the best day of his life."
It was one of my best days too.

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