Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two whole days of goodness

The boys have been playing together so well for the past two days. Not that they don't normally, but usually I have to break up quite a few squabbles. I don't know what has gotten into them but I love it nonetheless.
On a normal day, Nathan is trying to scare Brandon with toys that talk. Brandon really doesn't like any toy animal that talks or moves. So, I'm usually hiding those toys after Nathan has scared the snot out of Brandon. Then Brandon likes to get even. He will hide Nathan's hot wheel cars. Brandon knows that Nathan's cars are sacred and no one is suppose to mess with them. If one is missing (out of the hundreds) Nathan knows about it. Then the chase is on, Brandon is screaming as Nathan is running after him.
Last night and today there has been peace all around.
Why? Is this the calm before the storm? What is going on with my wild boys?
As I speak, Brandon is sitting in his room looking at his books and Nathan is playing on his floor with his cars.
Both of them quiet.
Both of them calm.
It's almost scary.

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