Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It was a fun day

Yesterday I got to volunteer in Nathan's kindergarten class. Some of the kids remembered me from the Halloween party so they thought they were having another party and got pretty excited. That was until I popped their balloon and told them I was there just to help out...sorry kiddo's no party today. We had fun anyway though. I got to help out with some of the important everyday tasks that teachers do. For instance, I sharped 24 pencils AND I got to hang hand painted turkeys out in the hallway. I felt pretty important. Then to top it all off, I got to roll dice for the kids to count and color in the number boxes (like bingo). After my duties were done, I was able to tie shoes, zip coats and watch the kids sing and dance to the "To-Ti-Ta" song. In all, it was awesome! Kids are so funny. Ms. George asked all the kids what they wanted to eat for Thanksgiving. Some replied that they wanted pizza and brownies, but one little girl just thought that it was more important that everyone know that her daddy's name is Steve. Ok then.

After school, Brian and I took the kids to the mall. I don't enjoy going to the mall, especially around the holidays. Nathan and Brandon love it though. Eating at the food court is like a 5 star dining experience for them and then a trip to the Disney store just tops off the whole evening. Plus Nathan spotted Santa in one of the stores. Seriously, Thanksgiving hasn't even passed and Santa is out? Nathan almost blew a gasket he was so excited and Brandon wouldn't even look at him. I don't think Brandon will be in the Santa photo this year. Last years was pretty funny. Nathan was smiling like a cat that just ate the canary and Brandon had a huge frown on his face and a leg up like he was going to take off running any second. After a talk with Santa we bundled the kids up and headed for home.
It was a fun day.

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