Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello from no computer land...

Life without a computer really stinks! Our computer fizzled out on us last week and it has been driving me nuts! So, we are on the hunt for a new one. Brian put a band-aid on this one for the moment but I can see the ends peeling up as I type. In the almost 11 years that Brian and I have been together we have never purchased a computer. Either his dad or mine has given us one, how lucky are we! I think it is about time that we finally get us a brand spankin' new one of our very own. I'm kind of excited about it. I would be more excited it we had more money to get a really nice one, but heck, who cares. We don't do anything important on the computer, just play, so really why do we need all the bells and whistles? Anyway...
This past week has been a pretty exciting one. I really wish it hadn't been but that's why we have kids.
Nathan decided that it was time to put tweezers in the light socket. Why? Because he thought it would be neat. We didn't think it was so neat, and neither did he after his punishment.
Sparks flew and the socket melted, Brian almost had a heart attack (he was standing next to Nathan when it happened) and I cried (because that's what I do). Nathan was fine and now he knows to never ever, ever do that again! Let's just hope!
I finally got my front yard somewhat landscaped (after living here for 6 years) thanks to my mom and dads help. They came up here the other day and helped me lay some landscaping stones around the front porch and then Brian and I got some mulch and put it down. It looks so much better! If we had purchased the amount of mulch that my mom had said then it would look ever better but Brian thought that would be "way too much." Guess who was right? Let me give you a wasn't Brian!
Brandon is doing just fine. He is stumbling around after Nathan, growing like a weed and keeping us on our toes. He sings and dances constantly and laughs at everything. He had a scraped up knee that is always on his mind. He tells it hi, bye, nite-nite and kisses it every chance he gets.
Other than that, we are all doing well. If I don't post in a while you know that the band-aid came off and we will be purchasing a new computer soon.

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