Friday, March 12, 2010

Low Down

OK, so here's the thing. I'm lazy and haven't written in awhile so here's the low down on what we've been up to...
~Brandon had his hearing tested and everything is just fine. He's just a very loud little boy who needs and wants to be heard.
~I lost a dear friend this week.
~My dad and I had a very good Korean dinner.
~Nathan got four marks at school the other day, so now he is grounded.
~We went to a museum and looked at pimped out pistols and paintings of Indians. The boys even got to meet Annie Oakley and hold a rifle.
~I read all four books in the Twilight Saga in a week and gave myself a head ache because I read them so fast. Now I'm rereading them, slowly. I'm a little embarrassed to say I'm more than a little obsessed with teenage vampires and werewolves.
~I had a little melt down about Brian being a cop because of a shooting that happened. He wasn't' even at work and it wasn't even on his beat, but it still happened. And it still scared me.
~Our grass is starting to turn green! And the weather is getting warmer here. Wahoo!
Other than that it's just been school, work, play, sleep and eat. Not necessarily in that order.

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Cindy said...

These are the two cutest little guys! I love this picture.