Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flying high

Nathan's fall break fell on Auna's birthday this year so we packed our bags, caught a plane and surprised our favorite 16 year old cousin/niece. Brandon was super excited because this was his first time on a plane. He loved everything about flying, the turbulence, visiting the pilots in the cockpit, and the snacks with apple juice. So much fun for the little man. Nathan was excited that our layover was in Washington DC. We flew over the pentagon and Arlington cemetery. And we saw the presidential helicopter fly by. Totally awesome according the Nathan.
The boys actually had no idea we were headed to see Rick and Auna. They finally figured it out once the saw Rick waiting for us when we landed. They were beyond excited.
While we were out there we got to see Auna play soccer, had an amazing birthday cookout, and hung out. It was nice and relaxing. The boys hated to leave their Auna and uncle Rick but we finally made it home. No matter how long we visit with family it never seems like enough time.

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