Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Word Thief

Brandon has a hard time remembering his manners. He's four, he's loud, he wants everything his way and now! But for the most part he does really well remembering his please and thank you's and now raising his hand during story time at the library. Story time is his absolute favorite week day activity. What's not to love, stories told by wonderfully funny ladies, a movie, a craft and usually a little treat. It's heaven for my little man.

Last night was a special story time about Thanksgiving and the Berenstain Bears. During the story the librarian would ask questions "what do you think is making that noise? what is papa bears shirt color? who do you think won the contest?" And every time Brandon would raise his little hand as high as it could reach. Some times he knew the answer, some times he just wanted to comment on something totally not related to the story. It's always a little scary when he gets called on because you just never know what is going to come out of his mouth. Well, some of the other kids started blurting out the answers without raising their hands and waiting to be called on. This frustrated Brandon beyond belief. He wrinkled up his little nose, pushed out his lips and came stomping to the back of the room to me. "Mommy! Those kids are stealing my words!" And you know he wasn't quiet. Most of the other moms started laughing with me, a few (I'm assuming the mom's of the kids that were not raising their hands) looked the other way and pretended not to hear him even though I know it's not possible to not hear my son when he's frustrated!

I love that little guy. He cracks me up!

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