Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer is finally here!

These two goofballs are ready for some summer fun. They've got all sorts of plans for this summer. Riding bikes, playing tennis and baseball, canoeing, hiking, amusement parks, fairs, swimming, catching the ice cream truck and sleeping in. Our library has a summer reading program and this year is all about science, so they are really excited about that too. 

They finished the school year with wonderful report cards. Nathan got all A's and one B+. Next year he will be taking all advanced class and he gets to start band. He has plan of continuing with Jiu Jitsu but also trying cross county and track/field. He's going to be one busy 6th grader!
Brandon finish 1st grade strong as well. He's at a 3rd grade reading level and got all advanced marks in all areas. I've got two smart little men! I'm a little proud, if you couldn't tell. :)

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